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Uma Skateboards

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Uma Skateboards was founded in 2020. Evan Smith brought his spontaneous, creative energy to Mesa Distribution where the brand was born and nurtured. Exuding the same wild energy, Maité and Cody Chapman joined the adventure, completing the introduction team. Thomas Campbell took over as artistic director and curated the Initial Offering, engaging the art of Nathaniel Russell, which became the epicentre of the Uma artist universe. With the video "Punch a Hole In the Sky", Uma strengthened its position as a brand that will stay forever. Masterfully crafted by Jon Miner, the video is an immersion in high-level skating, brilliant art and cosmic spirit. The surprise package was the newest player of Uma, Roman Pabich, whose fame quickly brought him pro status. The beloved and talented Andy Jenkins now directs the creative endeavours, while Evan continues to lead the growing team on a global expedition, spreading Uma's atmosphere of inclusiveness and positivity, inviting everyone to join along the way.