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Complete Longboards

Longboards & cruisers - full sets

Longboards & cruisers are skateboards ideal for surfing across the city pavements and streets. Cruiser, thanks to its lower size, will provide us with a great turning ability. Therefore, we will pass all the obstacles and quickly get to the desired location: job, school or the shop. Longboards are designed for the people who value full of adventure, but stable ride: from the traditional cruising and carving, up to skateboard jumps and tricks.



Complete longboards & cruisers at

Complete cruisers and longboards are great and tested solution, especially for the beginning skaters who wish to start their journey with skateboard without the need of completion and assembly. At you will find the longboards and cruisers from the best skateboard manufacturers, such as: Choke, Powerslide, Miller or Volten. We offer skateboards for kids, young people and for adults, the boards that are characterized by the unique look and high quality of performance. Check what we have prepared for you!