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Longboard is a special type of board that is used for riding longer distances, but also for tricks and downhill riding. Compared to a traditional skateboard, a longboard is characterised by its large board size and its larger wheels allow the riding style of sports enthusiasts to have excellent board control, which provides better stability and comfort when surfing.

Longboard - characteristics

The characteristics of a longboard depend on its intended use. For those who plan to ride on soft terrain, models with larger, softer wheels and more flexible boards that provide better cushioning during the ride will be ideal. For downhill and high-speed enthusiasts, models with smaller wheels and more rigid boards will be better for better board control.


How should you choose a longboard?

In order to choose the right longboard, it is worth paying attention to several important features. First of all, it is necessary to determine what type of riding the longboard is intended for. Depending on our preferences, we can choose a board with different shapes and sizes.

Longboard - types

A longboard can be used for a variety of purposes. In addition to long rides - and this is the primary purpose of these boards - and downhill runs, longboards are suitable for performing tricks such as slides, ollies and manuals. The shape of a longboard is important as it affects the characteristics of the ride. There are different shapes of boards on the market, such as drop through, pintail, cruiser or top mount. Each of these shapes is designed for a different form of riding. The materials of the boards are also important. Good quality longboards are usually made of maple, bamboo or using glass or carbon fibre, which allows the board to be more rigid and controllable. Longboard wheels differ from skateboard wheels - they are larger and softer, allowing for better stability and cushioning when surfing. Their degree of hardness affects speed and how the equipment, as a whole, performs on different surfaces.

Longboard cruiser

Longboard cruisers, due to their slightly different shape, behave quite differently from the average classic model. They are generally wider and shorter than longboards. On top of this, the smaller, softer wheels make landing a little more difficult - but they compensate for this with the precision of a fast ride. They are more manoeuvrable and faster, definitely more high-performance than the calmer and more stable longboards. The Cruiser is a softer board with smaller wheels that is great for urban riding and tricks.

Longboard - which is best for beginners?

If we are beginners in longboarding, it is best to choose a board with a softer construction and larger wheels. Such a board, as a longboard for beginners, will be more stable and easier to handle, allowing us to gain confidence faster and feel more comfortable when riding. In addition to choosing the right longboard, protective equipment such as a helmet and protectors for knees, elbows and wrists are also very important. Safety when riding a longboard is crucial, especially for beginners who are not yet experienced in the sport.