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5 Panel Metoda Sport

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In today's fast-changing fashion world, the streetwear trend is dominating - a style that is not only transforming our wardrobe, but also our view of fashion. 5 panel hats are a true triumph of minimalism in fashion. Their simple yet stylish design attracts the attention of lovers of the street aesthetic. Do you want to diversify your wardrobe with this stylish accessory? At Selectshop, you will find an overview of the most fashionable models that are taking European and global fashion capitals by storm. Browse the hats in our shop and mix up your styling with iconic headwear from top streetwear brands.

5 panel hats - what characterises them?

Street fashion is not just about clothes - it is a form of expression of identity and beliefs. One of the main strengths of 5 panel hats is the variety of designs and graphics that can be tailored to individual tastes. From abstract geometric compositions to iconic street brand logos, these caps provide an opportunity to express one's personality and affiliation with streetwear culture. By becoming an integral part of this movement, 5 panel hats allow wearers to express their authenticity and belonging to a community that values individualism above all else. What distinguishes 5 Panel hats? They are characterised not only by their original style, but also by a specific construction that makes them recognisable at first glance. This is because they consist of five panels which form the crown of the cap. Each panel is a separate part, and their construction gives the cap a unique shape and fit. The use of five panels allows the cap to be precisely shaped, providing a better fit to the head. An important feature of the 5-panel caps is the use of high-quality materials for production, (often 100% high-quality cotton). 


Both the panels and the visor are made of durable fabrics that ensure not only an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also durability and long-lasting use. This is especially important in the context of everyday activities and changing weather conditions. In addition, these caps are usually equipped with an adjustable fastener to adjust to the size of the wearer's head, as well as ventilation holes so that you can easily maintain optimal thermal comfort in all conditions.

5 panel baseball cap - what goes best with it?

In the world of fashion, where self-expression is of paramount importance, these caps are winning the hearts of many people who want to stand out from the crowd and express their individuality. Without a doubt, the trend of 5 panel hats in the streetwear world does not seem to be dying down - on the contrary, it is growing with consistent momentum! The aesthetics of baseball caps 5 panel are varied and tailored to different tastes and preferences. Designs can include graphics, logos, embroidery, prints and much more to highlight the wearer's individuality. This variety of designs makes 5 panel hats an expression of personality and belonging to streetwear culture. It is worth noting that, in the skater community, collecting 5 panel hats has become practically the norm. Limited editions, collaborations with artists and street brands, as well as unique designs, make these hats an object of desire for collectors and streetwear fashion lovers. Wondering how to style 5panel hats and what they go best with? Get inspired by the styling of true streetwear fashion icons!

5panel hat - styling rules

Explore our suggestions for styles where the 5 panel hat plays a central role!

Outfit in vintage style

Choose the 5 panel cap in a soft shade of beige, decorated with minimalist embroidery. Pair it with an oversized, cotton sweatshirt in a muted colour and loose jeans with light rubbing. Add leather sneakers - depending on the effect you want to achieve, choose either muted shoes in a calm colour palette. Complete the look with a minimalist bracelet watch and metallic details. This look will allow you to stand out on the city streets, exuding a unique vintage style.

Minimalism for everyone

Choose a 5 panel cap in a muted shade, decorated with a discreet street brand logo. Add a classic white collar shirt with a neat fit and black, well matched trousers. On your feet, wear high-quality leather shoes, such as moccasins. Add an elegant belt with metallic details and a minimalist bracelet. This look exudes subtlety and luxury, perfectly matching it with the spirit of street fashion.

5 panel hats - the most popular models

At you can buy stylish 5 Panel baseball caps from top clothing manufacturers such as New Era, Carhartt, PROSTO, Kamuflage, 47 Brand, Capslab, The North Face, Vans. Choose from models and complete your wardrobe with modern accessories from iconic brands. We encourage you to shop at Selectshop! You will find an overview of this season's most fashionable 5 panel hats.