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Streetwear longsleeve

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Longleeve is a reliable choice for those looking for a combination of comfort and style in one garment. This classic long-sleeve shirt is perfect for a variety of occasions, regardless of the season. Check out the range of longsleeve shirts at Selectshop and complete your closet with this bestselling fashion classic!

Longsleeve - characteristics

Men's longsleeves are a combination of elegance and comfort, created for men who appreciate both classic style and wearing comfort. At Selectshop you will find only models made of high-quality cotton, which guarantees the feeling of softness on the skin and ensures good air circulation, so this reliable T-shirt will perform well in various weather conditions. Its classic cut and carefully crafted details add to its informal look, but also elegance. Perfectly tailored sleeves and a comfortable neckline ensure freedom of movement, allowing you to wear it comfortably all day long. The T-shirt fits perfectly to the silhouette, emphasizing men's assets while leaving room for freedom.


Longsleeve T-shirt - what outfit goes best with it?

The style of the longsleeve shirt makes it subdued and versatile, allowing it to be easily paired with a variety of pants and accessories. It can be worn on its own, under a blazer or sweater, creating a variety of styles suitable for both business meetings and more casual occasions. The undoubted advantage of this T-shirt is its careful workmanship, which guarantees its durability and strength. As a result, it will accompany you in many moments and become your first obvious choice for any occasion.

How to wear a men's longsleeve?

Longsleeve will work perfectly as a basic layering piece. Wear it under a sweater, cardigan or plaid flannel shirt to add definition to your look. If you want to combine comfort with elegance, pair the longsleeve with fabric pants (such as chinos) and a fitted coat or jacket. This look is suitable for more formal occasions, where you don't want to sacrifice comfort. You may be surprised, but the men's longsleeve also works well as a sporty closet item. You can wear it as the basis of your gym outfit, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement.

Men's longsleeve - the most popular models

Choose men's longsleeves from renowned streetwear brands at Selectshop! Models from Ripndrip, Carhartt, Nike or Vans await you, and these are just some of the iconic companies whose products you will find on our site. Browse through the categories at Selectshop and get yourself a new longsleeve that perfectly suits your taste. You will feel 100% yourself in it!

Women's longsleeve - a versatile closet item

The women's longsleeve is an obvious choice for any street fashion lover. Get inspired by trends and go for a simple, classic streetwear style. Combine the longsleeve T-shirt with army boots, cargo pants and trendy sneakers. You can be sure that you will come off stunningly in such an edition.