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Snowboard Jackets

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Prepare for dynamic descents in the frosty mountain environment with snowboard jackets from the top brands available at Selectshop. This indispensable part of your equipment is the perfect combination of style, functionality and reliable protection against unfavourable weather conditions on the slopes. Snowboard jackets available in our shop are products of well-known sports brands. They are designed for snowboard enthusiasts who are looking not only for excellent quality but also for a unique look. Thanks to the wide range of colours and designs, you can easily choose a model that perfectly matches your style and personality.

Snowboard jacket - characteristics

A good snowboard jacket is an indispensable part of every snowboarder's equipment. It is a specially designed and tailored model for snowboarding, which offers many advantages over a regular winter jacket. The snowboard jacket is designed for the harsh conditions we encounter on the slopes. Constructed from waterproof materials or fitted with a special coating, it protects you from getting soaked during intensive contact with wet snow or rain. A well-chosen jacket has excellent wind protection. When going downhill at high speed on a board, the wind can be very strong and cause a cooling sensation on the body. A snowboard jacket equipped with cuffs and fastenings ensures a tight fit and minimises the penetration of icy air. Importantly, a snowboard jacket is often equipped with special ventilation systems to regulate body temperature. This avoids overheating during intense exercise and keeps your body at the right temperature. In addition, snowboard jackets often have special pockets and compartments for keys, phone, sunglasses etc. These are practical solutions that make it easier to organise and provide convenient access to essentials while riding.


Snowboard jacket - key features

What features of snowboard jackets should you pay special attention to when buying? Such jackets must be: - Waterproof - they should have a special coating (membrane) that protects against getting soaked when exposed to moisture, snow or rain,- Durable - jackets should be made of sturdy materials that can withstand extreme conditions on the slopes and possible friction with the ground so that they don't tear up when you fall,- Breathable - to keep your body dry during increased exertion, making it harder to get cold,- Windproof - to minimise the feeling of cooling your body when going downhill at high speed, It's also good for slope jackets to have:- The right cut - it's important that jackets fit well and provide freedom of movement when snowboarding,- Reflective elements - which is important when it gets unexpectedly dark on the slopes or your surroundings become foggy.

Snowboard jackets - the most popular brands

In Selectshop we have put together a selection of snowboard jackets from iconic brands such as Burton, Columbia, DC, and Roxy. When you choose a branded snowboard jacket, you are investing in excellent quality, durability and innovative technologies. Such jackets are created by experienced designers who put an emphasis on every detail to ensure you have an unparalleled experience on the slopes.

Women's snowboard jacket - how to choose it to match your style?

Women's snowboard jackets can easily be styled into an interesting look, whether you prefer a more classic style or like to stand out. If you prefer a classic look, choose a snowboard jacket in a neutral colour such as black or grey. Combine it with black ski trousers and a matching jumper in a similar shade. Add a baseball cap and stylish gloves. If you prefer an urban look, try teaming your snowboard jacket with skinny jeans and a pair of trendy sports shoes. On the other hand, if you want to go for a typically sporty look, combine a snowboard jacket with leggings or ski trousers in a contrasting colour. Add a functional helmet and goggles, as well as comfortable snowboard boots.

Men's snowboard jacket - how to choose it?

Choose men's snowboard jackets from the Selectshop range and remember to choose the perfect one for your figure and style. To make sure your men's snowboard jacket fits you impeccably, check the size chart carefully - measure the circumference of your chest, waist and hips, and compare them with the jacket's measurements. Also remember to follow the manufacturer's size recommendations when shopping online. If you're still hesitant about the best size, you can also read comments and user reviews and, on that basis, choose the perfect size for you.