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Sports hip bags and crossbody bags

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Sports jackets have been an absolute hit in recent seasons. They are still extremely popular due to their comfort and practicality. They are great for physical activity and also as part of a distinctive streetwear look. You will find a variety of men's and women's kidneys in the streetwear shop Selectshop. Remember that a kidney is not just an accessory, it's a real statement of style and comfort! Once you try it out, you won't want to carry any other bags anymore!

Sports kidneys - what makes them stand out?

The sports bags available at Selectshop not only impress with their functionality, but also with their unique design. Each model has been carefully designed to fit harmoniously into the street style. Available in a variety of colours and designs, they make it easy to match your preferences. What distinguishes women's kidneys and men's sports sachets? First and foremost, it is the extreme carrying comfort and original design! Roomy enough to hold the essentials - phone, wallet or keys - and additionally lightweight and optimally comfortable to wear. So you can enjoy the freedom of movement with everything you need always close at hand!


Hip bags - styling inspiration

Are you curious about how to style sports sachets in everyday outfits? Nothing easier! Wear them like a true streetwear style icon! Find out how easy it is and get inspired by our stylings taken from the streets of the world's fashion capitals! Are you ready for a real revolution in your wardrobe? The women's sports sachet and the men's sports sachet are cult models in the wardrobe of every seasoned streetwear fashion connoisseur! Even celebrities don't shy away from it. If you're looking for inspiration, check out the famous kidneys worn by Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna or the Hadid sisters. On their social media, you'll find offbeat ideas on how to combine the kidney in even the most extravagant styles.

Women's sports pouch - how should it be worn?

The women's sports kidney looks great with a casual look. Pair the black sports kidney with a loose white printed T-shirt and bright high-waisted jeans . Add white tramp boots and a silver watch to add an elegant touch. This outfit is perfect for a relaxed stroll around town or a meeting with friends. Another outfit idea for which the women's sports kidney pouch is a great match would be a style that is straightforwardly the essence of streetwear style. Wear a short crop top in a pastel colour, with cargo trousers and your favourite leather sneakers. Expose your belly and tuck a statement belt into your trousers. On your head you can wear a big hat. Sling a stylish kidney over your shoulder with the logo of your favourite streetwear brand. Don't forget jewellery and sunglasses!

Men's kidney - the most popular models

We recommend the latest men's and women's sachets and kidneys from well-known brands such as Kamuflage, The North Face, Prosto, Method Sport, New Era CapNike SB, Ellesse, or Malita. At Selectshop you will find women's sports and men's kidneys of the highest quality. You can be sure that with us you always have a branded product and the lowest price waiting for you! We invite you to shop with us!

The sports pouch - what goes best with it?

The sports pouch, as a versatile accessory, blends perfectly with a variety of types of clothing, adding distinctive charm and practicality. It goes well with casual, everyday outfits, as well as more elegant or sporty outfits. Paired with jeans, cargo or joggers and a casual T-shirt, the kidney gives the look a casual, streetwear feel. In combination with a classic shirt and fabric trousers, the kidney creates an interesting contrast between elegance and modernity. Play with style and break conventions!

Women's and men's sporty kidney - match it to your styling accordingly

Female kidneys and men's sachets can be styled without sticking to rigid rules! Mix clothes and accessories and remember to feel 100% yourself first and foremost in your styling!"