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Snowboard goggles

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Snowboard goggles


Snowboard goggles will protect our eyes against the wind, snow and sun, and also against the mechanical injuries and will assure the perfect visibility during the snowboard ride. They were constructed to fit the face and helmet closely, thanks to which wearing them is extremely comfortable. The best quality goggles have a series of practical solutions, such as the system that prevents the vaporization of the glass or the mirror coated layer that prevents against infrared and thermal radiation. It is wise to be guided by the lens color when buying goggles. To choose from we have inter alia

universal goggles with the yellow or orange glass - dedicated for the rides in all the weather conditions

goggles with dark (brown, grey or blue) glass - for the sunny, cloudless days

goggles with the transparent lens - designed for the rides by the night and on the artificially lightened slope




Snowboard goggles at


At store you can meet the wide selection of women’s, men’s and kid’s snowboard goggles and numerous sales. Here you can find goggles in different shapes and rich design. We offer cult snowboard goggles Kamuflage, Anon, Roxy, Tripout, Quiksilver, BOB, FOX and many more models from the renowned sports equipment manufacturers. Check what we have prepared for you and choose the bindings that will be perfect to meet your needs.