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Vans Old Skool

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The Vans Old Skool shoes are a classic model that stands out with its distinctive stripe on the side. They are a shoe that should be in every person's wardrobe, as they go with many styles. They are available in a wide range of colours and designs, so there is something for everyone - whatever your preference, be it simple colours or bold patterns. If you're looking for iconic and stylish shoes to go with any look, then be sure to check out the range of Vans Old Skool shoes at Selectshop. These iconic shoes are a true streetwear legend that have won the hearts of young and old fans all over the world. Choose your favourite colour and patterned version, and thanks to their sturdy construction and comfortable sole, you'll be able to enjoy them for a long time. Don't wait, get yourself the classic Vans Old Skool shoes and add a stylish and unique touch to your wardrobe!

Vans Old Skool - what makes them stand out?

VANS Old Skool is another shoe classic with the iconic waffle sole. In 1977, 11 years after the introduction of the Vans Authentic model, the #36 style that we now know as the Vans Old Skool appeared. These were the first shoes with the distinctive 'Vans wave' - the 'jazz stripe', or leather strip sewn onto the side of the upper, which soon became a permanent feature of many models. Nowadays, Vans shoes are not only worn by skaters, but also by people who follow the trendy street style. Many well-known celebrities, such as Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson and Bella Hadid, wear these popular shoes. Their style can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to how to wear Vans shoes and what to pair them with.


History of Vans shoes

Vans is a brand that was born in California over 50 years ago. It was founded by four men, including the two Van Doren brothers, in a town that was a hotbed of surfer and skater culture. Initially, the company offered only three shoe models and their production was based on individual orders. However, it was skateboarding that contributed to the brand's huge success. The Vans Authentic model, with its distinctive solid rubber sole and excellent grip, has become legendary and gained a worldwide fan base.

Vans - the most popular models

The Vans shoe is a classic model from the 1970s and 1980s that has become a symbol of hip-hop, skateboarding, BMX and graffiti culture around the world. By most people, this distinctive waffle pattern is associated with slip-on trainers, however, the brand also offers many other models with this pattern, in a variety of colours and sizes. 1. Vans Old Skool - this classic shoe model features a distinctive stripe on the side, a rubber sole and an upper in leather or textile. 2. Vans Authentic - this shoe model has a simple low-top, rubber sole and a distinctive waffle pattern on the bottom. 3. Vans Sk8-Hi - this shoe model has a high upper that protects the ankle, a rubber sole and a distinctive stripe on the side. 4. Vans Era - this shoe model has a simple low upper, rubber sole and a distinctive waffle pattern on the bottom. 5. Vans Slip-On - this shoe model has a simple, low upper and a rubber sole. The shoes are distinctive due to the lack of laces, making them easy to put on and take off.

How to wear Vans for everyday styling?

The Vans slip-on trainers, also known as slip-on shoes, are one of the brand's most iconic models. Their simple, lightweight and comfortable cut makes them ideal for everyday wear. The upper is usually made of canvas, which is durable and easy to clean. The shoes have elastic inserts on both sides of the upper, making them easy to put on and take off. Vans slip-on trainers are available in a range of colours and designs, from simple solid colours to colourful ones decorated with patterns or prints. Vans slip-on trainers are bold and distinctive, so if you like this kind of footwear, it doesn't matter if you're a girl, a boy, a man or a woman. Worn with the right trousers, jeans, shorts or skirt, you can just show them off and be yourself! Looking for iconic, timeless footwear that goes with any look? Check out the Old Skool vans available in the Select Shop! These legendary shoes with the distinctive 'jazz stripe' pattern on the sides are not only a comfortable everyday choice, but also a fashionable wardrobe piece. Available in men's and women's versions, they are the perfect complement to any outfit, whether casual or more elegant. With their versatile design and high quality craftsmanship, the Old Skool Vans are sure to be your favourite footwear for a long time to come. Shop at Select Shop and see for yourself!"