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Chest Rigi

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Chest rig is a specially designed belt in combination with a bag, worn on the chest. This functional accessory not only adds character to your outfit, but also allows you to carry your essentials within easy reach. You will find a variety of chest rig waistcoats - from minimalist to more extravagant, with different pockets and details. Rest assured that this is an item of clothing that will make you stand out from the crowd, adding a touch of avant-garde aesthetic to your look. Interested? Expand your wardrobe and invest in extravagant and multifunctional accessories such as the chest rig! Find out more about this solution now.

Chest Rig - what are its features?

Chest rig is usually of a compact design, worn on the torso. It can have a variety of shapes and details, including pockets, zips, straps and buckles. Its design is distinguished by an avant-garde aesthetic that fits perfectly with streetwear style. Such a streetwear waistcoat combines style, comfort and practicality, perfectly meeting the needs of today's active lifestyle enthusiasts. The chest rig is designed with an ergonomic fit in mind. The padded straps and back guarantee a comfortable wear, minimising pressure on the chest. Thus, when wearing the chest rig, you can enjoy freedom of movement and comfort even during intense activities. The chest rig has become particularly popular with people who participate in sports such as running, cycling, boarding or climbing. Thanks to its practical pockets and compartments, the chest rig allows you to carry your phone, bidon, keys or other small sports accessories safely. It is the ideal solution for those who want to have everything at hand, whatever the activity.


Chest Rig - what does it fit best with?

What do chest rigs go best with? Here is an idea for an original styling, inspired by street fashion. Do you know how chest rigs are worn by the most fashionable influencers and streetwear followers? Check out the outfit ideas from the fashion capitals of the world. Try your hand at streetwear styling experiments and break out of convention! We are sure you can put together an original chest rig outfit! Put together different pieces of clothing to create unique looks that catch the eye and express your personality. This is the time to create unique combinations that capture the spirit of the street and youthful enthusiasm. Remember, there are no rules in streetwear - only unlimited possibilities!

Chest Rig waistcoats - how to wear them?

Feel like a true streetwear style icon in a unique look that combines distinctive style with functionality. Start with loose, worn-in jeans and a white printed T-shirt to become the base of your look. Next, wear a chest rig in a contrasting colour, banded at the front and fastened at the side. It's not only practical for storage, but also a striking addition to your outfit. To make a statement, wear sport shoes in a vibrant colour to add energy to the whole look. Feel free to experiment with contrasts and colours! For cooler days, throw on a short, lightweight shirt-style jacket to complete the look. Opt for a 5 panel hat for sun protection and casual style. The final touch will be minimalist silver jewellery to accentuate the avant-garde nature of your look.

Chest Rigi - the most popular models

At Selectshop, we take great care in selecting the most fashionable and quality accessories from the world's streetwear brands. Watch our chest rig streetwear range grow and choose accessories according to your taste and preferences. Check out the brands we have on offer! Buying at Selectshop you are always assured of original goods of the highest quality! We recommend chest rigs by Kamuflage, which are extremely durable and made of the best materials!