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Beach shorts are an indispensable part of summer styling and an excellent choice for those who want to feel comfortable and relaxed while relaxing by the water. Such shorts are loose and lightweight, because they were designed with summer adventures in mind. You will feel full comfort in them while actively spending time on the beach, playing beach ball and taking sea baths. Of course, such men's beach shorts will also do the job at city swimming beaches or during a trip to the lake. Check out our range of beach shorts now!

Beach shorts - types

Choose functional beach shorts from our offer! Learn about popular shorts for the beach. Classic beach shorts: these are versatile men's swim shorts with a straight cut, usually with an elastic waistband and a drawstring for adjustment. They are very comfortable and suitable for a variety of beach activities. Boardshorts: men's boardshorts are popular with surfers and water sports enthusiasts. They usually have longer legs and special quick-drying technology, which makes them ideal for water activities. Mesh swim shorts: some beach shorts have an inner mesh that provides extra support and comfort. These are especially popular among men and are perfect for beach volleyball courts. Swim trunks: these are special shorts designed for swimming and spending time at the beach or pool. They are characterized by short legs and a fitted cut that allows freedom of movement in the water. They are usually made of quick-drying materials, such as nylon or polyester, which allow them to dry quickly once out of the water.


Beach shorts - trends

We already know a lot about swim shorts, but let's learn about these top men's beach shorts for the upcoming summer season! Currently, the most fashionable beach shorts are those in retro style, referring to the 70s and 80s. They are characterized by bright colors, geometric patterns and loose cut, which gives them a unique charm and vintage character. In addition, tropical-style swimwear is also very popular, showcasing exotic plant and animal prints and vibrant colors that are perfect for summer beach styling.

Swimmer shorts vs. body type

How to choose men's beach shorts for your body type? If you want to choose the perfect men's swim shorts for you, it's a good idea to choose cuts that emphasize the strengths of your figure, such as shorts with the waistline slightly lower for those with longer legs, or asymmetrical designs for those with proportionate shoulders and hips. It is also important to match the size to ensure adequate freedom of movement and comfortable wear. Above all, choose shorts for the beach in which you feel comfortable.

Men's swimming shorts - the most popular models

Explore the iconic models and choose men's swim shorts perfect for your needs! Classic swim trunks: swim trunks with a fitted cut, reaching above the knees, made of quick-drying materials, ideal for swimming and beach. Slip swim trunks: men's swim shorts with a minimalist cut, clinging to the body, characterized by a high front, ideal for those who prefer a more classic and minimalist look. Boxer swim trunks: swim trunks with a looser cut, reaching to mid-thigh, often featuring an elastic waistband with a drawstring, providing greater comfort and freedom of movement.