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The kingpin is a mega-important part of the truck that plays a key role in driving turns and maneuvering the entire board. The kingpin is a screw or bolt that passes through the center of the truck and controls the truck's mobility and the rocking of the board around its axis. Although this inconspicuous screw looks innocuous, it is by tightening or loosening it that we can significantly affect the stiffness of the board and adjust the sharpness of its turns. Find out how to adjust the kingpin and enjoy a comfortable ride in the best style!


Kingpin - what it is needed for in a skateboard

As we wrote in the brief introduction, the kingpin is used to adjust the degree of twist of the truck. Its adjustment allows you to tailor the truck to the riding style and dynamics of the board owner. If you want a slightly looser truck and more maneuverability, the kingpin can be loosened. For more stability and less twist, it can be tightened.

The kingpin is usually seated on special washers and is closely connected to the bushing, which affects the truck's flexibility and pressure response. Proper adjustment of the bushing and kingpin is crucial for comfort and control while riding.

It is important to pay attention to the maintenance of the kingpin, because it is a component, although durable in principle - it is sometimes susceptible to damage, especially if you land after a trick with great force.


Kingpin - the most popular models

At Selectshop you will find the best quality kingpins for skateboards from reputable brands such as: Kamuflage or Amok Skateboards. We invite you to shop with us! In our store you will find all the accessories you need to complete the perfect skateboard kit!



Kingpin - basic types

Even such a simple accessory as a kingpin comes in several types, which significantly affect its functionality! We distinguish between, among others:

- standard kingpin,

- reversed kingpin - directed to the outside of the board.

Each shape affects the riding characteristics and the way the trucks react to the movements of the skateboarder.