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Are you interested in stylish accessories that turn the simplest outfit into an outfit worthy of a streetwear fashion icon? If so, here's a tip for you: pins! Pins have been an absolute hit in recent years, with which you can effortlessly add character to your outfit and express your interests or views. Original pins with bold slogans, graphics or brand logos are a great gadget to add variety to your outfit. Curious? Enter the world of pinning with us! 

Dress pin - how should you choose one?

Metal pins are a typical decorative element, so it is best to be guided by your taste and current trends when choosing one. You can also use pins to express your views (e.g. rainbow pins) or interests (e.g. skateboard-shaped pins). As you can see, there is no specific key on how to choose the perfect metal pins. An interesting guideline when choosing pins would be to follow your favourite streetwear brands. This way, you will express your total appreciation for the brand, emphasise your affiliation with its fans and always be on top. Check out our range and choose metallic pins from iconic streetwear brands. Find out how easy it is to change your style and add character to even the simplest of outfits. Attach the pins to your rucksack, baseball cap or the lapel of your denim jacket.


Metal pin - what should it contain?

Metal pinning consists essentially of three elements. The first is the front of the pin, which is the whole core of the accessory (this is the visible part). The back, on the other hand, is the fastener, which has to be clipped to the clothing item of your choice (some models even use a double fastener, so that the pin holds better and does not fall off if it is accidentally snagged). Another element is the caps, a safety feature that protects the pin's needles and holds the pin in place.

Pins - ways to wear

How to wear pins to stay on trend? These inconspicuous gadgets can make all the difference and, if you choose them wisely, you can create the perfect visual effect for your outfit. Place pins on baseball caps to give them a whole new personalised look. You can also attach pins to corduroy or denim shirts, shirt jackets or waistcoats. They are sure to make an impression when pinned to the pocket flaps of such outerwear. It is also a good idea to attach a pin to a rucksack or kidney bag to give your accessories a different character. Looking for other original ideas on how to use pins? Clip them into the laces of your favourite sneakers! They also look great clipped into minimalist trainers. In winter, they can also be used to accessorise a scarf or winter hat. See how easily you can create interesting outfits! Don't be afraid to experiment and you are sure to get the desired, original effect of your styling.

Pins - how to personalise them?

Want to be even more original? Create your own pin compositions! One clothing pin can correspond with another either in complement or total contrast! Think about how you can create such an interesting duo? Browse through Selectshop's range and find the pins that will inspire you to go fashion crazy.