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In this category you will find a variety of beanie models designed specifically for the winter season. They are characterised by a thicker construction and the use of warm materials such as wool, acrylic or fleece to help keep you warm and protect you from the cold. Winter hats can be decorated with pom-poms, patches or knitted patterns and their versatile design allows them to be easily matched with different styles, adding not only functionality but also cosiness and warmth on cold days.

Winter beanie - why you need to wear it?

Wearing a hat in winter is important because it helps to retain heat in the body, protects against the cold, acts as a barrier against wind, prevents illness and provides comfort and convenience during outdoor activities. Even if you're not a fan of winter headwear, thanks to us you'll see that it's worth wearing a beanie in winter, not only for your health and comfort, but also for maintaining impeccable style! A winter beanie can be ultra-fashionable! Take your pick of women's and men's winter beanies in our shop. At Selectshop, you will find an overview of the most fashionable winter beanie styles and are sure to choose a model in which you will feel perfect every day.


Winter hats - types and styles

If you've tried on different types of beanies and never felt comfortable in them, we've got you covered with a wide overview of beanie types and styles, so you're sure to find something you like! Beanie - a comfortable knitted beanie without a visor that fits perfectly into a relaxed, urban style. Beanie with pom-pom - a winter beanie with a pointed pom-pom on top, suitable for a variety of streetwear looks. Trapper Hat - a warm baseball cap with fur lining, perfect for winter days in an urban setting. Snapback Beanie - an interesting combination of beanie and baseball cap, combining comfort and streetwear style. Bucket Hat - a bucket hat that has made a comeback in streetwear fashion, often made from warm materials. Oversized Beanie - an oversized beanie that is a popular streetwear wardrobe item.

What material are the best winter beanies made of?

Winter hats should be a well-chosen item of clothing for the winter season. When choosing men's and women's winter hats, it is worth paying attention to the material from which it is made. Wool is a natural material that is excellent at insulating heat and performing well in extreme conditions, so a wool winter beanie will be a hit. It is also common for men's winter and women's hats to be made of acrylic. This is a synthetic material that is cheap yet provides good thermal insulation. Hats made of cotton are lighter and more breathable, suitable for milder days, as they will not protect as well against the cold. Men's and women's winter beanies can also be made of fleece, which is soft and warm, perfect for cold days. The choice of material depends on the weather conditions and individual style preferences. The right winter beanie will provide protection from the cold and optimum comfort on cold days.

Men's winter hats - the most popular models

Want the most fashionable winter beanie? By choosing models from top streetwear brands, you can be sure to look stylish and always on trend. Check out hats from: Carhartt WIP, Vans, Nike SB, The North Face, 2005, Ripndip, Prosto. All available in our shop! A stylish hat is within your reach!

Women's winter beanie - which one to choose?

Wondering which beanie to choose? At Selectshop you will find women's winter hats in a variety of styles, colours and with interesting patterns. Stand out from the crowd, stay warm and feel optimal comfort. You're sure to find something to your liking! Come to Selectshop to shop! Shop women's winter hats and complete your wardrobe with interesting accessories and accessories.