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Pants belts are an important part of a streetwear wardrobe. Take a look around the trouser belt category in our shop and choose the perfect product for the urban style lover. Are you looking for functional as well as fashionable accessories? Streetwear trouser belts from cult brands available at Selectshop combine practicality, distinctive design and individuality to create an indispensable element of urban styling. Be inspired by the products in this category and choose a men's belt that fits perfectly into your wardrobe.

Pants belt - how to choose one?

Learn about the distinctive features of a streetwear trouser belt and how to match it perfectly with any outfit! Ready? Let's get started! Sporty streetwear trouser belts are characterised by modern patterns, colours and details that reflect the spirit of urban culture. These can be geometric patterns, graffiti, logos of your favourite streetwear brands or street art inspirations. This is one of the most important features of a streetwear belt, making it not only a practical accessory, but also an expression of style and belonging to an urban subculture. So choose the belts whose look appeals to you the most, don't be afraid to go wild! Go for belts from your favourite brands, whose quality you are sure of. But don't forget the practical elements of this accessory, one of the most important of which is durability! A belt must live up to its name and, in addition to looking great, it must be able to withstand daily intensive use. That is why the products in this category are usually made of durable materials that can withstand even heavy use. Reinforced seams and metal buckles ensure reliability and a long service life. In addition, belts are often adjustable in length to suit different types of trousers and preferred wearing style. Check belts for durability, attachment types or adjustability - these features are sure to come in handy on a daily basis.


Pants belts - types

What are the most popular types of trouser belts? Find out so you know what you can choose from! A popular type is the steamed belts. Made from high-quality knitwear, they are an integral part of a looser style and go well with joggers, cargo trousers, shorts or jeans. By choosing such sports belts for men or women, you can be sure of a great effect and that the whole style will look cohesive. Also look out for leather belts for men and women. This type of belt is perfect for more formal occasions or when you want to dress in a retro style.

How to choose the length of a belt for your trousers?

To make sure your belt will fit you, measure yourself! How to do it. Measure your waist circumference where you usually wear your trousers. You can do this with a tailor's tape measure. Then add an allowance (usually around 5-10 cm). In our shop you will find belts with lengths from 120 to 126 cm.

sports belts - what to wear them with?

Are you looking for inspiration on what to wear men's and women's sports belts with? We've got you covered with our suggestions for two styles in which to use this accessory.

Retro baby!

Create a retro style! Wear high-waisted trousers in a light washed colour. Match with a striped T-shirt, denim katana and sunglasses. Put thick white socks and your favourite classic sneakers on your feet. Add a leather belt with buckle and enjoy a style worthy of the fashion capitals.

Casual streetwear

Choose black cargo trousers and wear them with a sultry belt bearing the logo of your favourite brand. Add a plain hoodie with decorative embroidery in a dark colour. On your feet, wear your favourite trendy sneakers and match with a silver neck chain. A great look!"