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Skateboards for kids, young people and adults


Skateboarding is something more than just a way of spending one’s free time. It is also a lifestyle that is based on looseness, bravery, freedom and continued overcoming of our own limitations. The basic equipment of every skateboarding passionate is by no means the skateboard. In order to make skateboarding not only enjoyable, but also safe, it is worth choosing skateboards from the best manufacturers.




Skateboards at


Regardless of the fact if you only begin your adventure with skateboarding or whether you are an advanced skater, you will definitely find the skateboard that would be suitable for your needs here at We offer a wide selection of skateboards for kids, young people and for adults. Our assortment includes skateboards, longboards and cruisers of renowned companies, such as:





King Kong


Tony Hawk

… and many more.

Here you can buy skateboards with original pictures and inscriptions. Therefore, you can express your unique personality and you can stand out of the normal, city crowd.

In the store offer you may also encounter the best skateboard accessories, inter alia:



skateboard wheels


truck bolts



protective helmets

Check what we have prepared for you and do the shopping online!