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This category in our shop is the ideal place for all men who appreciate style, comfort and quality when wearing underwear. Our range of men's underwear combines fashionable design with a perfect fit and top quality materials. Want to make sure the underwear you wear is as stylish as the rest of your outfit? Choose men's underwear from iconic streetwear brands! Explore our stylish suggestions and complete your wardrobe with ultra-comfortable solutions that will satisfy any street fashion lover. 

What's the best underwear for men?

Wondering about choosing men's underwear? Find out the key differentiators of quality underwear and make an informed choice. What should you pay attention to? Here are some suggestions! One of the most important considerations will be comfort and functionality. Men's streetwear underwear should feature a comfortable and snug fit. This is key, because street style requires freedom of movement and comfort all day long, especially when it comes to people who are active in sports such as skateboarding. In this case, the perfect fit of the underwear is a must! Another equally important issue is the design of the underwear. In good underwear you will feel confident in any situation. Go for colours and designs that match your personality and other items of clothing. Among the men's streetwear boxer shorts you will find models with prints, brand logos, decorative embroidery and other interesting details. Choose men's underwear according to your own taste and target the brands you like.


Men's underwear - how to check the quality?

Are you interested in men's underwear? Find out how to check the quality of this product before you make a purchase. It is a good idea for men's boxer shorts to be characterised not only by their comfortable cut, but also by the use of breathable, airy materials, preferably more than 90% quality cotton with a small addition of synthetic fibres, which will have a positive effect on the elasticity of the material. This is particularly important not only for the comfort of the wearer, but also for the longevity of the underwear. In order to ensure that the garment does not stretch in the wash, does not rub off, still looks good and holds its cut despite frequent use - the selection of a high-quality fabric is a must! Another aspect is the care of the seams. Poor stitching can lead to torn underwear or painful scratches and skin irritation, so it is worth making sure the seams are carefully finished. Another aspect is to choose proven manufacturers. Big brands can't afford mistakes and poor quality, so by buying from cult streetewear brands, you can be sure of the quality of the product.

Men's boxer shorts - how to choose them?

Wondering how to choose the perfect boxer shorts for your size? The best idea would be to use the size charts of the specific manufacturer. Make sure that the measurements given in the table match your measurements. It's usually a good idea to measure your favourite comfortable boxers laid flat, and compare the measurement in centimetres you get with the size chart on the manufacturer's website.

Fashionable men's underwear - fashion trends

Are you asking yourself what men's underwear is the most fashionable this season? Looking through the suggestions from world-renowned designers and brands, we have noticed that the absolute top are minimalist models, often single-coloured with a visible brand logo. Close-fitting, tight-fitting underwear that accentuates the male body is preferred over loose-fitting models. Remember, however, to choose boxer shorts in which you feel most comfortable and 100% yourself.