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Flip-flops are footwear that prove to be truly indispensable in summer - regardless of the type chosen. They provide adequate airflow, are extremely versatile and quick to put on - and these are just a few of their many benefits! You can wear them to the beach, the pool, for a walk or even at home - thanks to the huge number of models, you can fit them to almost any situation. Are you looking for flip-flops that will keep you comfortable no matter how many kilometres you walk, while adding character to your summer outfits? You've come to the right place - at Selectshop you'll find dozens of comfortable men's flip-flops in a variety of styles and colours! You can choose several models for different occasions or bet on one universal proposal.

Flip-flops - the definition of summer footwear

Flip-flops are a classic! Among summer footwear, they are the ones we reach for most often. They are associated with a laid-back style, street style. It is hard to find sandals on the feet of people who are passionate about street style - they choose flip-flops and it is they who are most often worn in urban settings.

Flip-flops are a classic.


How to choose the perfect flip-flops for summer? Men's flip-flops and women's flip-flops

Flip-flops are a popular type of footwear, particularly popular to wear on warmer days. There are many types of flip-flops, differing in both appearance and materials used. The most common are the classic rubber flip-flops, but models in leather, synthetic materials, fabric, cork or wood are also available. When choosing flip-flops, it is advisable to be guided first and foremost by their comfort and the quality of their workmanship to ensure comfort when walking. It is also important to adapt the type of flip-flops to the occasion in which you intend to wear them - for the beach, rubber models such as men's and women's flip-flops or traditional pool flip-flops will work, while for more formal outings, it is better to bet on elegant high-quality men's and women's flip-flops, such as leather flip-flops or classic flip-flops with a buckle.

Flip-flops - the most popular brands

In the offer of you will find a wide selection of flip-flops from respected footwear manufacturers such as  Ripndip, The North Face. Flip-flops are the perfect footwear for summer days, to wear around the house, as well as during holiday activities such as visits to the pool or beach. Thanks to their strength and durability, you can enjoy them for many years. The flip-flops are lightweight and comfortable and are appreciated by both men and women. At you will find a full range of flip-flops, so you can easily choose the perfect model for you.

Women's flip-flops - perfect for any outfit

Flip-flops are a typical summer shoe, primarily worn during summer trips to the beach, lake or home garden. Women realise that they are not suitable for every occasion and often opt for more formal shoes for work, such as pumps or high-heeled shoes. However, if the workplace doesn't have a specific dress code, you can feel free to wear your favourite summer sandals or flip flops. At you will find a wide range of flip-flops and sandals for women, which will be the perfect choice for holiday trips or relaxing on warm days. Women's flip-flops are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, especially when paired with light floral dresses. Women who prefer more elegant styling will certainly be interested in black flip-flops with additional embellishments, which go well with both casual and slightly more formal outfits. They go well with tailored skirts as well as cocktail dresses. Selectshop offers a variety of models of women's sports flip-flops for physically active women. In addition to beach outings and walks, sports flip-flops will also work well for spontaneous trips to the pool. The women's pool flip-flops have been made from top-quality materials that ensure waterproofing and excellent insulation of the feet from external influences, while providing comfort. Remember that at Selectshop you will find a variety of different models of women's flip-flops that are sure to meet your expectations.

Men's flip-flops - comfortable and stylish

Men's flip-flops are the perfect footwear for summer, characterised by comfort and versatility. They can be worn with everyday styling, at the beach, at home or in the shower. The material from which they are made is crucial here, as it affects their properties. Flip-flops made of rubber or other synthetic material are waterproof and more practical, while those made of natural leather or suede are more elegant but less water-resistant. At Selectshop you will find men's flip-flops from many well-known brands such as Ripndip, The North Face. You will find models for fans of minimalism and hot trends, as well as flip-flops decorated with prints or decorative patches. The sole and the top of the flip-flops can be in a single colour or consist of several contrasting shades. Some models have a built-up front, while others allow the toes to be exposed, and can have one wide strap or several narrower ones, depending on your preference. Explore the full range at Selectshop and choose the perfect flip-flop model for you.