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Grip tape is a tape used on skateboards, longboards and scooters to provide a better grip of the shoes to the board. It is sometimes indispensable when performing complicated tricks and definitely increases the safety of the skateboarder. Learn more about this piece of board equipment and decide whether grip tape will land in your shopping cart. We recommend that it definitely does!


What is grip tape for a skateboard?

Grip tape is simply skateboard sandpaper, that is, a piece of rough plastic to be stuck on the deck. This inconspicuous accessory serves many functions and can make your ride much more comfortable in all conditions. Why use the grip?

The most important function is to increase the grip of your feet on the board. Thanks to the rough texture and material, it is harder to slip on the board, even in rainy weather. The porous surface makes the board easier to control and more responsive. Griptape for the board helps avoid slips and falls, making it safer to ride. It can also be considered that the skateboard griptape makes it easier to perform jumps and tricks, because it increases the skater's control over the board.

An important role of the griptape is also to enhance the aesthetics of the board. Thanks to it, you can change the look of your top at minimal cost, and the deck itself is much less damaged, because the grip protects it from wear and scratches from shoes. Protecting the board and at the same time being able to style it, plus the ease of changing the grip and the non-invasiveness of this procedure, make it serve an important aesthetic function.


Grip tape for skateboards - the most popular models and brands

At Selectshop we offer skateboard griptape in a variety of colors and designs that guarantee a good grip straight from respected brands in the skateboarding world, i.e. Jessup Griptape, Kamuflage, Ripndip, FKD, Enjoi, Almost, DKL Skateboarding, Polar Skate and others. Buy from our online and stationary store, and you will be assured of original equipment and attractive prices! We invite you to shop with us!


Sandpaper for skateboard - types

You can distinguish several types of griptape, and the most popular are:

- classic grip in a roll or in a cut piece,

- perforated grip, which allows easier installation,

- grips colored and decorated with graphics,

- board sandpaper transparent,

- non-slip grips.

Choose the grip for your skateboard according to your preferences and riding style, and you will definitely be satisfied, and your tricks will gain progress.


Grip for skateboard - how to choose it best?

Selecting a grip is not difficult, because you can cut it any way you want, change its shape, and easily replace it if it fails. Here are instructions on how to install and remove a griptape on a skateboard. It will certainly be useful for rookies, but also for more experienced riders who have not used this feature before.

Mounting the grip tape is simple and does not require many tools. Remove the protective paper from the sticky side of the grip tape and press it onto the board top. Make sure you apply it straight and monitor for unwanted air bubbles. Fit the grip to the shape of the board and cut off any unnecessary protruding parts. Remember to make holes for the mounts so you have them available if you need to adjust them.

Removing the griptape to the skateboard is even easier! Warm air (such as a hair dryer) will come in handy. This will allow the glue to dissolve, and you can easily remove the griptape from the surface of the board. You can gently remove the glue residue with a solvent. And there you have it!"