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Men's jewellery is the essence of style and awareness of the latest trends. It is hard to imagine the perfect, polished urban styling without this accessory. Jewellery frames your beauty and perfectly emphasises the assets of your figure, but above all it is an indispensable decorative element that will enrich the simplest streetwear style - making it a real masterpiece, worthy of a fashion icon! Encouraged? Explore our suggestions and dive into this category in search of the best jewellery for you. We'll tell you how to choose it, what to look for when buying it and how to style it for everyday and special occasions.

Men's jewellery - characteristics

Our unique range of men's jewellery reflects the raw, urban design that is the essence of street culture. We believe that jewellery can not only be an adornment, but also an expression of your identity and lifestyle. Find out what characterises good men's jewellery and make an informed purchase. Design first! Men's streetwear jewellery is characterised by a raw, indecently designer style that fits in perfectly with the atmosphere of urban living. It is characterised by minimalist details and inspiration drawn from graffiti and street art. Skate jewellery is geometric forms, bold solutions and unobvious combinations indicate the courage and self-confidence of the wearer. Even the most beautiful men's jewellery should be ready for every challenge of urban life. That's why in this category you will only find materials of the highest quality, such as stainless steel or metal alloy, which are resistant to damage and retain their splendour for many years. Whether you're on a skateboard, at the music club or out with your mates, your jewellery will maintain its perfect appearance and quality in every situation.


Women's jewellery - types

In our category you will also find beautiful jewellery that is perfect for women, lovers of streetwear. Most of the jewellery models available on our site are unisex products in which all genders will find themselves.

Men's jewellery - what can a man wear?

For the stylish guy, jewellery is not a major styling challenge. What matters here is intuition, courage and a willingness to experiment with your look. You can opt for a minimalist silver chain to break the ice if you're just starting out with men's jewellery. As you gain experience, pair it with other pieces of jewellery such as bracelets, earrings or signet rings. You can also buy an interesting chain pendant to turn a simple piece of jewellery into a personalised gadget.

Women's jewellery - the latest fashion trends

Fashionable women's streetwear jewellery is not radically different from that of men. Chains, bracelets and pendants are also king here. Instead of signet rings, girls can opt for rings or wedding rings, which will go well with this kind of accessory.

Sports jewellery - how to match it to a style?

Want to know the ready recipe for dream styles using the season's trendiest jewellery? Buckle up!

Proposal 1: The centrepiece of this look is a silver signet ring worn on the finger and a geometric pendant on a silver chain. Choose a black oversize T-shirt with a white graphic print or your favourite brand's logo. This will add some character to your look. Team it with dark, distressed skinny jeans or skinny jeans for an urban street vibe. On your feet, wear high black sneakers with white soles. On your wrist, wear a men's bracelet that matches your signet ring and chain. This will complete the whole look.

Proposal 2: Start with a comfortable longsleeve shirt in shades of grey, which is perfect for a skate style. Add loose jogger trousers with a large print with a graphic motif or logo related to skate culture. Wear a baseball cap as a must. Wear a silver chain around your neck with a pendant that reflects your passion for skateboarding. Wear a men's bracelet with metal details on your wrist to emphasise the street style energy.