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mega skateshop online

About Us

The idea of our store was born in late 90's

We started as a small lokal store (not bigger than 30m2). It was an early hip-hop and skateboarding era in Poland, there was almost no internet, so our main customers were local skaters and hip-hop-heads.

As the time has passed, we have reached more customers from different cities, with different hobbies etc.

Our customers knew that they could find the best brands and the latest releases at our store, so we started expanding into the snowboarding industry.

DC honored us as a part of "My DC Crew Europe" that's when we decided to set up our own skateboarding SELECTSHOP TEAM.

In 2010 we launched our first multi-brand online store. That decision opened up new perspectives, helped us reach more regions in the country and let us develop our services. 

Nowadays Selectshop is one of the biggest Polish multi-brands with many local Stores all over Poland, and a modern online website. We continue to develop for you, that's why we reach out to the new, foreign and local brands and try to make them available for a wider range of customers.

Our team has always been a part of the hip-hop, skateboarding and snowboarding world, that is why we keep it real, and professional. The years of hard work and dedication made us who we are right now. 

We can guarantee the best customer service, quality of products and services. Don't believe us? Just ask our customers, it's that simple.