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Rubbers are the part of the truck that is responsible for the adjustment and flexibility of turns while skateboarding. They are also known as "pads" made of flexible material that is specially adapted for skateboarding applications. Rubbers are responsible for absorbing vibrations and oscillations while riding on various surfaces, so they come in handy to the max if you want to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.


Truck erasers - types

To begin with, you need to know that truck rubbers are located on the kingpin bolt between the base and the hanger, and make the turns on the board smooth and easy. Their main job is to increase the clearance of the wheel to prevent contact with the top. The pads prevent the wheel from contacting the tabletop and absorb vibrations caused by impacts. There are different types of truck rubber bands, depending on their hardness and thickness. The right choice of rubber bands can significantly affect the stability and responsiveness of your skateboard. Rubbers with different properties can be customized to the individual rider's preferences, providing better control and comfort.


Rubbers for skateboarding - how to choose them properly?

An important consideration when choosing truck erasers is their hardness. There are many hardnesses of rubber bands - from the softest, forgiving mistakes, to very hard ones, which translate movements to the board faster and give more maneuverability (96A). Usually you can buy rubber bands in a set with trucks. You can expect such a set to include medium hardness (90A) rubbers. If you want to experiment and choose the perfect rubber bands for your needs, you can find a selection in our section.


Rubbers for skateboarding - the most popular models and brands.

At Selectshop we have gathered the best quality rubber bands from the top manufacturers of skateboarding equipment: Ace, Bones Wheeles, Kamuflage, Tensor Truck. We offer truck rubber bands for both beginners and advanced amateur skateboarders.


Soft rubber bands for skateboarding - are they good for any board?

Not necessarily! Soft rubber boots have their advantages, such as better absorption of shock and vibration, which can provide a more comfortable ride on rough terrain. This property is especially useful if you treat your board as a means of transportation and want to get from A to B. However, you should know that soft truck rubbers can reduce stability and control at higher speeds or when performing advanced tricks.