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Skateboard Wheels

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If you're a skateboarder, you surely know how important skateboard wheels are. They are the connection between you and the surface. Without them, the board simply won't ride! Choosing the right wheels is of great importance for the quality and comfort of your ride. Remember that it is the skateboard wheels that ensure your safety while riding your board. Want to learn more and choose the perfect wheels for you? Read on!


Skateboard wheels - the most popular models and brands.

Right now on Selectshop you will find models of skateboard wheels from absolutely iconic brands:Kamuflage, Bones Wheels, Spitfire Wheels, Enjoi, Ripndip, Darkstar, Blind, Element, Mini Logo. We have a wide selection of skateboard wheels of different colors, sizes and hardness.



Skateboard wheels - types

We can divide the wheels according to size: - small wheels - diameter 50-53 mm - maneuverable, but they are not suitable for fast, extreme riding, but they are great for tricks and acrobatics, as they allow quick acceleration, - large wheels - diameter 54-60 mm - provide more speed, but are, in turn, less maneuverable. Their advantage is that they are suitable for riding longer distances. Another criterion is hardness. As always with this type of choice, it should be selected according to your riding style and level of expertise. The hardness scale ranges from 78A to 101A. Usually a fairly universal option of 96A-99A is chosen. The lower the value, the softer the skateboard wheels, which means better grip and comfort on uneven surfaces. Higher values (more than 90A) mean hard wheels, which are faster and ideal for riding on smooth surfaces - such an option usually appeals to those who are heavily into riding and already have more experience with the board.


How to choose wheels for a skateboard?

The choice of wheels depends on your riding style and the type of terrain you ride on. Let's assume two scenarios: if you are a fan of tricks and stunts, choose smaller and hard skateboard wheels. If you prefer a comfortable ride and longer routes, opt for larger and softer wheels. Also keep your weight in mind - heavier people may need harder wheels for better control. Definitely consider your riding sophistication as well; for beginners, larger and softer wheels will give more grip and control over the board, but in turn may interfere with and discourage you from learning tricks. What to do. As always, you need to get a feel for the board! Try different solutions and select them as needed. Ask your buddies for advice, ride theirboards and compare the experience. Many skaters like unusual wheels, so it's a veritable river topic! You're sure to get into it and learn a lot through practice.We also have some universal tips for choosing wheels according to your preferred riding style. If you want to use your board to move around the city and go to college, for example, then soft wheels, but with a large diameter, are a better choice, because then the ride will be more comfortable, even in case of bumps. In addition, you will increase your safety on the road, but also your speed.On the other hand, if you use your skateboard mainly for tricks, to crank out stunts at pools or skateparks, then we advise you to choose hard wheels, because you will have more control over the board and feel more fun.And if you need something in between and want to combine these functions? We will refer to the universal scale and recommend you to choose skateboard wheels in the 78A to 101A hardness range.


What material are skateboard wheels made of?

Typically, skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane (PU), which is a special type of plastic with good elastic properties for resilience and grip. There are also wheels made of other materials, such as rubber or hard plastic, which are suitable for specific riding styles. Polyurethane wheels are most often chosen for their versatility and durability.Skateboard wheels are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose skateboard wheels with prints imitating graffiti, lettering, brand logos or graphics related to skate culture.