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Skateboard Wheels Element

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Soft and hard skateboard wheels from the best manufacturers

Skateboard wheels provide us with comfort and safety while riding on the board. We offer wheels of various sizes and degrees of hardness. The size affects the speed and riding controls. Larger wheels will be perfect for riding on ramps, while smaller diameter wheels will make it easier to perform tricks such as grinds. Hardness has a big influence on the wheel's durability, shock absorption and grip. If you care about good grip and greater stability, choose hard wheels. Soft wheels, on the other hand, will ensure a smoother ride, but are not suitable for extreme skating. New models of skateboard wheels from the following brands are already available on the website: Kamuflage, Bones Wheels, Spitfire Wheels, Enjoi, Ripndip, Darkstar, Blind, Element, Mini Logo. We have a wide selection of board wheels in various colours, sizes and hardness. Skateboard wheels are packed individually or in fours. We offer original wheels with an interesting design, so everyone will find something suitable for themselves. Mini Logo wheels are ideal for various conditions. The Mini Logo Hybrid C-Cut is a model of wheels that are softer than the standard 101A, with a C-Cut construction, which is perfect for skateparks. These wheels are perfect for a beginner as well as a more advanced rider. We invite you to shop at