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The Champion brand was founded in 1919 by the Feinbloom brothers. In the years 1930-1940, they started their first cooperation with a university in Michigan. They noticed that Champion had a passion for sportswear and that they produced high-quality sweatshirts and trousers. The Michigan coaches started talking to coaches from other schools in the USA, which made Champion more and more popular. In 1940-1950 the brothers decided to change the name. At the turn of the 1950s, the name Champion Knitwear Company was used. In the '70s and' 80s, Champion introduced a new logo, now used with the classic red and blue font on a white background. A redesigned logo, already known as the "C" sign, is attached to the left sleeve of the sweatshirt. The inconspicuous letter "C" started to be more and more recognisable. In the 1980s, Champion became the first company to produce a double-sided (or so-called, reversible) shirt, and the first, the so-called "breathable" nylon mesh fabric that has become the staple fabric used in sportswear. Today, Champion is a brand that is popular all over the world, not only for sportsmen. Champion is for anyone who would like to feel special and comfortable. The cuts of Champion sweatshirts and t-shirts are slimmer, see the size chart before buying. We also have Champion shoes, jackets, trousers, hats and hip bags. Only at can you buy cheap products of the company from the latest Champion collection.