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The well-known online community of Hypetalk, focused on streetwear, which also operates in the offline world, has created a new brand called "chaos gone global". A session that promoted clothing combined the past with the future, creating something original and eye-catching. It shows a stylised motocross knight on a black horse who has armour resembling a cross motorbike. The Chaos brand is promoted by such Polish hip hop stars as SB Maffija, Smolasty or Zibex, and the leitmotif of the sweatshirts is a green alien and futuristic motifs that appear in large numbers on clothes. Chaos clothes are decorated in black colours with neon green accents. In our store you can buy hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, light jackets and trousers. The Chaos brand is distinguished by original designs, and the clothes are made of the best materials. If you want original streetwear clothes in your wardrobe, visit today.