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The Dickies brand was established in 1922 through the collaboration of C.N. Williamson and E.E. "Colonel" Dickie in Bryan, Texas. For over 90 years, Dickies clothing has been inherently associated with hard work and the tough guys making it. These clothes have been chosen by, among others, car mechanics, welders, builders, racing drivers and even doctors. Today, the Dickies brand is, above all, solid clothes for fans of urban culture, skateboarding and motorization. It is appreciated by musicians, sportsmen and car clubs all over the world. Dickies clothes are associated with streetwear styles, and are perfect for everyday wear. They will emphasise your character and will suit your wardrobe. The company's product range, apart from workwear, also includes a full range of streetwear men's clothing - from trousers, through shirts and t-shirts, to accessories such as wallets or belts. We also recommend Dickies sweatshirts, which are extremely comfortable, made of the best quality materials. The Dickies brand is a combination of urban style and great durability at a reasonable price. Visit today and choose something for your needs.