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Ellesse: a unique style that highlights your individuality

The Ellesse clothing company was founded in 1959 in Italy. The founder was Leonardo Servadio. It was thanks to him that the company owes its name to the initials L.S. The brand began to count in the market at the beginning of 1970 when quilted jackets and ski trousers entered production. The company's beginnings also included the production of clothing for tennis players, but its greatest interest was in the production of clothing for everyday use. Its sports collections are recognised worldwide as some of the best. Its main goal is to create clothing with high durability as well as comfort. The company's clothes are mainly dedicated to active people who like to stand out on the street, with a branded look that emphasises their uniqueness. The company's range includes sports sweatshirts, trousers, shorts, T-shirts and small accessories. Original products are now available on the shelves of