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Hard Luck

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Owned, operated and backed by professional rider Jason Jessee, Hard Luck has been producing high quality bearings since 2014. Jessee was inspired and motivated by his best friend Mark Gonzales, who drew his now iconic logo on the back of an envelope. Starting out as a wheel and clothing company, Hard Luck grew quickly in the field of bearing production. Hard Luck has become a world famous brand in the industry. In response to the high demand for products to withstand various weather conditions, Hard Luck skateboard bearings were born. Their range includes ceramic, stainless steel and titanium coated bearings. Ceramic Hard Luck bearings are lightweight, rust-free and provide minimal friction. They do not require as much maintenance and offer the smoothest ride possible. You will feel the difference right away! Hard Luck titanium bearings are very fast and of exceptionally high quality. Hard Luck has all you need for your riding style!