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High-quality clothing and accessories Mercur

Mercur is a new Polish brand that was founded in 2022. It is a project, a kind of movement that defines and expresses a larger group of people and their common views. Mercur's main focus is on concrete action and deeds rather than populism and trite slogans. By observing the ever-changing reality, they intend to take advantage of current and topical events and thus react quickly by releasing, for example, clothing or by reacting on their social media. Mercur does not intend to lecture or moralise anyone, but simply to raise awareness. Our range includes Mecur sweatshirts, T-shirts, trousers and shorts. The graphics on the clothes have interesting designs that give food for thought on many issues related to life today. We also have a wide range of accessories such as backpacks, socks and Mercur sunglasses. Visit Selectshop today and buy the most fashionable clothes that will add freshness to your outfit!