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Nike SB

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Nike SB is an American company, one of the largest in the world producing sports shoes, clothing and accessories, operating in the market since 1964. It was founded in Washington County as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, who was the company's president from 2004. The company is named after the Greek goddess Nike. Initially, Nike produced clothing for athletes from traditional disciplines, but over time the brand also began to support other sports, such as snowboarding, skateboarding and BMX. Stefan Janoski had a very positive impact on the company's image by opening it up to other environments, and above all creating a new model of Nike Skateboarding shoes. Nike SB's offer also includes clothing that works not only as a fashionable and comfortable sports outfit, but also as an ideal and unique everyday outfit. So, regardless of what kind of sport you do, whether you are a professional or only train for fun, Nike SB is the right choice for you. Nike SB is a division of the brand whose domain are products created especially for skateboarding fans. The beginnings of this division of Nike Inc. dates back to 2002. The flagship products are shoes signed with the names of such skateboarding legends as Paul Rodriguez, Stefan Janoski or Erik Koston. Nike SB also offers Nike SB t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. We also have many Nike SB accessories, such as: caps, hip bags and socks.