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Palto's best quality clothing and accessories

A young Polish clothing brand, created by fans and for fans! Inspired by the beauty of nature and the search for the perfect balance in life! They hold fast to the idea that as much as they give to the world, it comes back to them! Through which they strongly support streetwear and lifestyle culture. Palto is known for supporting young snowboarders and skateboarders, and they have always supported concerts and events where they saw potential and an open-minded vision of the world! Palto sweatshirts are perfect for hours of snowboarding sessions! At Selectshop we have a wide selection of Palto branded merchandise such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, trousers, shorts of the best quality. You will also find the most fashionable accessories such as hats, socks, wallets and Palto glasses. Each of them will add a unique character to your styling. The design of the Palto brand draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and streetwear culture. The sweatshirts are characterised by modern cuts and unique graphics that reflect the spirit of the young, dynamic generation. The softness of the fabric, the ergonomic cut and the flexibility all make Palto sweatshirts not only stylish but also comfortable. The perfect fit provides the freedom of movement needed when snowboarding. Visit Selectshop today and discover the Palto brand!