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Polar Skate

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The best clothes and accessories from Polar Skate

The Polar Skate brand was founded in 2011 in Malmö, Sweden on the initiative of Pontus Alva. After the success of films such as The Strongest of The Strange and In Search Of The Miraculous, the brand began to gain popularity. Until 2016, our compatriot Michal Juraś rode on the Polar Skate team. The Polar Skate brand is all about designer tops, grips and a minimalist approach to clothing. You will find a variety of different colours of skateboard tops and good quality grips. If you want to look unfussy, Polar Skate clothing is for you. They will be a great choice for both skateboarding and meeting up with friends. In our shop we have: t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, Polar Skate longsleeves. We also have Polar accessories such as: baseball caps, kidneys and bags and socks.