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Skateboard Trucks Kamuflage

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Every experienced skateboarder knows how important good skateboard trucks are. They affect your board control, your riding style and the overall quality of your ride. It doesn't matter if you're a rookie or have already eaten your teeth on the board - properly selected, quality skateboard trucks are a must if you want to enjoy a smooth ride. You'll learn more about what skateboard trucks are, what types of trucks there are, and how to choose the perfect trucks to raise your riding level. Curious? No soft play here, you will always find a wide selection of skateboard trucks at Selectshop.


Trucks for skateboarding - types

Types of trucks are selected because of their profile. The best trucks will correspond to your preferred riding style. This will give you optimal comfort during tricks. You can choose skateboard trucks in low, medium and high sets. It all depends on the style of riding you practice.Low trucks have a shorter kingpin, and this means less distance to the surface you ride on. It also means using smaller wheels. These trucks are closer to the board, which gives you better control of the skateboard and makes tricks easier.Medium-profile trucks are mainly used for street riding and skateparks. Their big plus is that they are generally available and work well for beginners. They certainly stand out for their stability and optimal durability, which makes it easier to learn.High trucks have a longer kingpin, and this means more distance to the surface you ride on. They are higher than standard ones and provide more clearance. They are great for riding in the pool or on ramps, but also around town, as they provide tighter turns.


What are skateboard trucks?

Trucks are a metal piece attached under the top of the skateboard, which allows you to turn the wheels and control the direction of travel. It is useful for performing all tricks. Trucks consist of several parts. Usually when you buy trucks, you have all the following parts included and you don't have to think about retrofitting anymore:

- baseplate: this is the metal part of the truck that attaches it to the board. It is important that the baseplate is as centered as possible, otherwise the board will twist itself to either side. Choosing the right baseplate is important for the overall performance and comfort of the skateboard;

- hanger: this is the inner part of the truck on which the wheels are attached. It must be very sturdy, as it is subjected to a lot of stress during tricks. It is responsible for stability and maneuverability. Its design and size affect the behavior of the board and its ability to perform tricks and turns. Choosing the right hanger is important for the feel of the ride;

- kingpin: is responsible for adjusting the slack of the truck, so you can adjust it to set how the skateboard turns. By loosening it, you'll get more agility and tighter turns, and by tightening it, you'll get a more stable board. It is definitely an inconspicuous, but key element that affects the maneuverability and comfort of the board;

- axle: the connection between the hanger and the baseplate, allowing for classic rotational movements;

- bushing: these are rubber rings placed inside the hangers of the board, which affect the firmness of the wheel suspension. By adjusting them, the rider can control how the board responds to movements.

- shims: this is a small, fairly inexpensive item that prevents wheel snagging, or "wheel bite." This unpleasant effect is the bane of many skaters. It consists in the fact that the wheel gets snagged and the board stands up, and the rider falls off it and usually flies forward with momentum. Such a capsize is nothing pleasant, so pads are sometimes indispensable. In addition, they are available in many designs and colors.


Of course, you can buy the individual elements mentioned above separately and create sets on your own, selecting them perfectly for your needs. However, ready-made trucks are a mega-convenient solution, thanks to which a lot of thinking about what elements to choose goes away. The assembled trucks are perfectly fitted and ready to use, and their quality will satisfy not only novice riders, but also real skateboard experts. Find out if a ready-made skateboard truck is a solution that meets your expectations. Shop at Selectshop and compose the perfect skateboard kit. In our store everything is at your fingertips and you can boldly fulfill your dreams of a great, customized board.


How to choose trucks for a skateboard?

Already familiar with the typical types of trucks and still not sure which will be best for you? We rush with a handful of useful information that will help you decide.The truth is that trucks will most likely last longer out of your skateboard kit than the deck and wheels, so it pays to spend a little more to buy this item from a well-known manufacturer than to save money on no-name trucks. At Selectshop you will find board trackies from top brands that have been making products for skateboarders for years. In our store you are assured of excellent quality and an affordable price. Bet on reliable, safe elements for your board, which will serve you for many years in good shape, and remember not to skimp on the basic elements of the board equipment - the quality and fun of the ride will then certainly suffer, and capsizes may happen to you more often. Take care of yourself and your board, bet on quality and reliable solutions, which are chosen by skaters around the world.Having a dilemma whether to choose light or heavy trucks for your board? Heavy trucks are usually easier to grind through their heavier weight, but at the same time it can be a problem to lift the skateboard high and make jumps. If you are not very massive, lighter trucks are a better choice, especially if you plan to do a lot of tricks. On the other hand, if you have a lot of strength to kick the board up high, heavier trucks may be a better choice, as the board won't "walk" but will handle great. Choose trucks for your weight, but also for your riding characteristics, and when you are not sure what will work better - let your friends give you a try of their boards, you will certainly quickly feel the flow and understand those subtle differences that determine which board is on point and which one is not to your liking.Last but not least, be sure to pay attention to the size of the trucks. This is a total must! The width of the truck with the wheels should be the same size as the width of the deck. If you make a mistake and choose trucks that are too wide, you will snag your shoe on the wheels. The main goal is for the wheels to sit fairly evenly under the board, and not stick out too far or be too tucked in. If, on the other hand, the trucks are too narrow, the skateboard will be wobbly and the ride will be nothing.


Skateboard trucks - the most popular brands.

We offer skateboard trucks from reputable skateboard brands such as Independent Trucks, Tensor, Kamuflage, Silver, ACE, Thunder, Bullet, Venture and Element. Check out what we have prepared for you and complete the skateboard of your dreams! Buying in our online and stationary store you are always assured of original, branded products at attractive prices. Choose the perfect skateboard trucks and enjoy your skateboard for years to come! Remember that you will find in our store other previously described elements for assembling the board, such as: tops, wheels, bearings or truck bolts. Create a set to suit your needs and use the highest quality materials. We encourage you to buy!