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Denim Shorts Kamuflage

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The denim shorts are a timeless and stylish wardrobe piece that adds a casual touch to summer outfits. Made from high-quality denim, they feature short legs and a distinctive look, giving them a uniquely rocker or the most authentic look. Denim shorts are the perfect choice for summer days! Check out our range and choose stylish denim shorts for women and men at Selectshop!

Jeans shorts - history

The history of denim shorts, or jean shorts, dates back to the beginning of the last century. The first denim shorts appeared in the 1930s in the United States, at the time responding to the need for comfortable and durable workwear for miners and labourers. Back then, denim shorts were made of durable denim, characterised by a strong structure and durability. They were short trousers, reaching above the knees, which provided freedom of movement when carrying out heavy work. In the 1950s and 1960s, denim shorts began to gain popularity among young people, becoming a symbol of rebellion and non-conformism. They gained popularity thanks to style icons such as James Dean and Marlon Brando, who wore denim shorts in films, making them a fashionable and desirable wardrobe item. In the following decades, denim shorts became an integral part of youth culture and street style. They evolved with fashion trends, taking on different lengths and cuts, from very short shorts to those reaching past the knee. Today, as we all know, short denim shorts are still a hit and can be seen on the streets of all cities. This versatile and optimally comfortable garment has its fans all over the world. It is worth mentioning that denim shorts have an important place among the clothing of streetwear fans. If you don't already have them in your collection, it's time to refresh your wardrobe!


Jeans shorts - types

Learn about the popular types of denim shorts and find the perfect version for you!

Women's denim shorts - the most popular models

Classic women's denim shorts: simple and short shorts with a classic cut, reaching above the knees. They are timeless and go with many summer outfits. High-waisted shorts: a fashion trend that has come back into favour. These women's denim shorts have a higher waistband, emphasising the waist and giving a feminine look. Women's denim shorts with roll-up legs: these shorts have longer legs that can be rolled up for a looser and more casual look. They are a great choice for summer festivals or beach walks.

Men's denim shorts

Classic denim shorts: simple and short shorts with a straight cut, reaching above the knees. These are basic models that go with many casual styles. Rubbed shorts: this style is characterised by rubbed seams, which give denim shorts a vintage and the most antique stylish look. The rubbing can occur on the knees, thighs or other areas for a striking look. Shorts with flared legs: This fashionable model is characterised by flared legs that give the shorts a looser and more dynamic look. They are a great choice for those who like to experiment with style.

Jeans shorts - popular brands

At Selectshop we have men's and women's denim shorts from the trendiest brands, i.e. Prosto, Vans, Dickies, Prosto, Kamuflage or Method. Check out our offer!

Jeans shorts - what to wear them with?

Jeans shorts go well with simple T-shirts or polo shirts and sneakers for a casual summer look. They can also be paired with casual shirts and trainers for a more casual and informal look. Experiment with your look and remember that the perfect style is one that reflects your character!