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Bandanas / Balaclavas Palto

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Warm bandanas and balaclavas

In this category you can find bandanas, balaclavas, balaclavas and masks from top snowboard manufacturers. Snowboard chimneys and masks are often chosen for skiing or boarding because they they provide good protection for the head, neck and face against frost and snow. They can also be worn when running or riding a They can also be worn when running or cycling, protecting you from adverse weather conditions. adverse weather conditions. We also highly recommend the chimneys of the Polish brand Palto, which are friendly to our skin. We offer men's, women's and children's bandanas, masks and balaclavas in a variety of colours and cuts. colours and cuts. We have products of well-known brands, i.e. Airhole, Dill, Kamuflage, Palto.