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Snowboard pants DC

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Are you looking for pants for winter snowboarding? You've come to the right place! At Selectshop you will find the perfect men's and women's snowboard pants. Find out what are the characteristics of this type of pants, how to choose them and what features they necessarily need to have in order to perform their functions. Let the cold winter weather not frighten you. With well-chosen pants, low temperatures will not be a problem for you, and frequent capsizes in the snow will become a reason for laughter rather than resignation and anger.Choose professional snowboard clothing from Selectshop and enjoy quality, attention to detail and excellent product from proven brands. Let's get started on your ride?

Snowboard pants - basic features

Wondering what features a good snowboard pant must have? We answer! A necessity for snowboard pants is the use of waterproof, windproof and vapor permeable material, which will allow you to maintain thermal comfort, but protect you from overheating. The length of the pants is also important, they should cover the boots and protect them from snow falling inside. Wider snowboard pants will provide better freedom of movement, and this is important when jumping on the board.Another consideration will be additional functionality such as convenient pockets, detachable suspenders, snow aprons, adjustment at the hips and ankles, ventilation panels on the thighs, reflective elements to increase safety on the slopes, and a Recco reflector.These features, while not mandatory, are a suggestion to consider when choosing the perfect pants for yourself. You may not need all of them, but as your experience on the board grows, you'll find out just how important the right clothing is on the slopes.


Snowboard pants - what materials do they consist of?

Snowboard pants, a key piece of equipment for any lover of the sport, should be carefully selected in terms of material and features to ensure optimal comfort and protection. It is worth paying attention to the type of outer material. Advanced fabrics, such as Gore-Tex,offer excellent protection against moisture while allowing the skin to breathe. No less important is the insulation - the weight of the filling determines the thermal insulation.Gore-Tex is an advanced material used in sportswear, including snowboard pants, because of its unique properties. It is a membrane with a microporous structure that is waterproof, breathable and wind resistant. Adapting this parameter to the weather conditions in which you intend to use them is crucial for comfort while riding.Adequate breathability of the fabric will allow moisture to escape from the body, ensuring comfort even during intense exertion. By considering these elements, you can make an informed choice of snowboard pants, ideally suited to your personal preferences and needs, providing protection and comfort during activities on the slopes.

Snowboard pants - levels of waterproofness

Waterproofness is one of the key requirements that good snowboard pants must meet, and there is no doubt about it. Among the best membranes used in snowboard pants is Gore-Tex.Pay attention to the levels of waterproofness of the membrane, which is given in millimeters. It indicates how much water column can be retained by the material. Snowboard pants should have a minimum waterproof rating of 10,000 mm, which corresponds to moderate rain. Of course, the good performance of the membrane must be backed up by taped seams and zippers, because even the best material characteristics will not help if the pants are leaky. To prevent this, special reinforcements are used.

Snowboard pants - how to choose a size?

To choose the size of snowboard pants, you need to know that there are both women's and men's snowboard pants, but also unisex models. Such a division is not a marketing gimmick, but the answer to a real problem - to fit the pants under the silhouette and anatomical structure.What is the difference between women's snowboard pants and men's? Certainly by cut, women's pants may be more contoured at the waist and additionally insulated, they also have more feminine patterns and colors. Snowboard pants for men, on the other hand, may be simpler in cut and wider, and more austere and conservative in design.