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Bearings are a small but essential part of any skateboard. They play an important role in the proper functioning of your skateboard kit. Their main task is to regulate the speed developed. Sound good? Speed is something we like and want to turn it up, and good quality bearings make it possible. So what to look for when buying? Come to Selectshop for all the necessary components to assemble the perfect board!


Skateboard bearings - what do you need them for?

Bearings are needed for the skateboard wheels to rotate properly on the axles. Each wheel needs two bearings to rotate properly on the axle. In short, skateboard bearings are responsible for the smoothness and comfort of the ride itself.

In addition, the bearings reduce friction between the wheels and the board's axle. Thus, the skateboard can reach a higher speed, and you put less effort to overcome the resistance and develop speed more easily.

The skateboard's bearings are also responsible for the smoothness of the ride.


Skateboard bearings - types

We can divide skateboard bearings by construction and material of construction. Get to know them and make a thoughtful choice to complement your skateboard kit well.


Open bearings

Open bearings are a solution that is great for pools and other indoor facilities. With them you will develop good speeds, because they spin much faster than closed ones, and you will gain agility, and by the way, you will not have to worry about their maintenance, because indoors they will not get significantly contaminated.


Closed bearings

For lovers of the outdoors, closed bearings are a good option, featuring greater resistance to dirt, which only need to be lubricated with basic grease once in a while. Ease of maintenance speaks to the big plus of this solution.


Ceramic bearings

Although board bearings are usually made of metal, ceramic bearings can be considered their worthy competitor. The balls inside the bearing, in this case, are made of industrial ceramic (silicon nitride), which makes the bearing long-lasting - such balls do not rust and are very durable.

The bearing is made of ceramic.

When choosing a bearing for your board, it is worth considering not only the type and material of the component, but also the industrial ABEC scale. A higher ABEC class provides greater precision, performance and the ability to achieve higher speeds. However, it is worth noting that the ABEC class does not affect other important aspects, such as the accuracy of the bushings, the properties of the wheels or the materials used in production.


Skateboard bearings - standard sizes

The bearing size that applies to skateboards is the "608" standard, with an 8-millimeter core, 22-millimeter outer diameter and 7 mm width. This size is common and compatible with most skateboards and skateboard wheels. Therefore, when you are ordering or selecting bearings for your skateboard, it is a good idea to make sure they are size 608 so that they are suitable for your board.


Board bearings - the most popular brands and models

A wide selection of skateboard bearings from top skateboarding manufacturers such as Kamuflage, Bones Wheels, Cortina Bearings, Andale Bearings, Independent, Hard Luck, Mini Logo Skateboards, Primitive and FKD await you at Selectshop. Match the perfect bearings for your needs and enjoy a fast and stable ride!