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Snowboard boots Burton

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Ready for an exciting experience on the slopes? You need to know that snowboard boots are an extremely important piece of equipment for any board enthusiast. They are the basis of snowboard outfit equipment, so you can enjoy every moment on the slopes. They are characterized by durability and functionality, and their design is created for precision control, allowing you to maneuver freely and have perfect control while riding. The ergonomic shape of the boot not only provides comfort, but also stability, which is crucial during difficult descents. Choose snowboard boots from Selectshop's selection and get shopping before the season kicks off for good!

How to choose snowboard boots?

We've collected some of the most important points you should follow when choosing the perfect snowboard boots. Take these tips seriously, because ill-fitting boots will make you lose all the fun of riding and make it hard for you to make any progress. Comfortable snowboard boots are the absolute basic of a good riding experience. Let's go! 

  • Fit your foot - choose boots that perfectly fit the shape and size of your foot. Choose your size according to the manufacturer's chart and pay attention to the lengths given in centimeters. Do not buy "by eye", check the size chart, and if you have unusual feet - wide, or narrow - take this into account too when determining the final size.
  • Shoe hardness and stiffness - one of the basic parameters by which snowboard boots differ is their hardness. To measure it, a flex scale, consisting of ten levels, is used. The higher the number on the scale, the stiffer the snowboard boots.
  • Functionality and technology used - pay attention to the technologies used in the boots, such as thermoformable insoles or other systems designed to hold the heel and ankle in place to protect you from injury. Waterproofing, adjustment systems and special padding are also valued for comfort and performance while riding. 
  • Sole and grip - a well-gripped sole will provide better control and stability for precise maneuvers.
  • Method of tying the shoe - there is no single best choice here, but you should know that there are several types of lacing that you can choose according to personal preference. Among them are: classic and quick lacing systems.

In addition to these criteria, it is worth considering one more - the level of sophistication of the user. If you are interested in snowboard boots for beginners, it is worth choosing soft shoes - 2-5 points on the flex scale. Such a choice will make it easier to gain progression and control the board, but the downside is the inability to develop high speeds - don't worry, there will be time for that yet! For a rookie, quick lacing systems for shoes, such as BOA, where you just need to use an intuitive dial to lacing, can also be helpful. It's worth choosing good boots even at the very beginning of your snowboarding adventure, because this piece of equipment is the absolute basis, which has a real impact on the enjoyment of the sport and your riding technique. It really is better not to save on boots, and they will serve you for many seasons and accompany you, even when your skills increase. With well-chosen shoes, you can be guaranteed not only greater comfort, but also more efficient and effective learning.


Snowboard boots - how to choose them for your board?

Snowboard shoes should always be selected, taking into account the criteria described above. In addition to these, it is still worth considering such an issue as the style of riding you prefer. If you use a freestyle board, you may choose more flexible boots, while a freeride board may require more rigid boots for better control and stability. Most boots are compatible with all boards and their mounting systems, but you may want to make sure that your board and snowboard boots will be a perfectly matched pair and try them on in person or ask an experienced advisor at a specific store before buying a particular model.

Snowboard boots - the most popular models

Choose from among the models of snowboard boots available at Selectshop. When you buy online, you can be sure of a competitive price, excellent quality and an original product from renowned brands such as Burton, DC Shoes or Vans. Bet on confident solutions and iconic snowboard boot manufacturers.

Snowboard shoes - tips and advice

Interested in men's and women's snowboard boots? Here are some tips on the selection and maintenance of snowboard boots.


  1. Don't hesitate to try several different boot models. Each one has a slightly different shape and fit, so it's important to find the ones that fit your foot best.
  2. Take care of your boots.
  3. Regularly clean your boots after riding, removing mud and dirt. After arriving at the hostel from the slopes, let the boots dry at room temperature, avoiding excessive heat (such as close to a radiator).
  4. When measuring boots live, always wear thick socks, the kind you plan to wear on the slopes.