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Snowboard jackets

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A snowboard jacket is an absolute must-have for anyone getting ready for a snow frenzy on the slopes. Warm, moisture-resistant and windproof - these are the basic requirements that a good snowboard jacket must meet. Are there any more criteria to follow when choosing this type of outer garment? What materials to bet on when buying a jacket? What are the latest trends on the slopes? Find the answers below!

Snowboard jacket - what should it consist of?

Wondering what to pay special attention to when choosing a snowboard jacket? It's natural that when buying this type of clothing, you need to be knowledgeable and inquisitive in order to choose a model that will perfectly suit your needs. Such a jacket faces a daunting task, as there are sometimes really extreme conditions on the slopes, such as high frost, strong wind, jammed snow and other "attractions" well known to every lover of this sport. It is also important to be aware of the very characteristics of snowboarding, i.e. the fact that it is a sport for the persistent, who are not intimidated by frequent capsizes, but also by hours spent in the cold. After reading this description, it is clear that a snowboard jacket must meet the tough requirements. What, then, must it be like? Here are some features that you absolutely must pay attention to:


  •  Water resistance - the jacket should be made of waterproof materials or coated with a waterproofing layer to protect against snow and rain. In addition, it should be equipped with membranes (hydrophilic or microporous) to prevent snow from getting inside. The most popular solution in this regard today is the Gore-Tex membrane, and it's the one you'll encounter most often in snowboard jackets.
  • Breathability - it's important for a snowboard jacket to allow airflow to prevent overheating and sweating during intense exercise. Without this feature, you will be welted, prone to cold and quickly discouraged from sporting in harsh winter conditions.
  • Ventilation systems - vents with zippers under the armpits help wick away excess heat and moisture.
  • Safety features - we are referring here to both reflectors, useful especially in poor visibility on the slopes, and the Recco system, which is an alarm system sewn into the jacket that will allow you to locate emergency services in case of an accident on the slopes.
  • Functionality - it's a good idea for the jacket to have additional functional technical features, such as adjustable drawstrings at the bottom of the jacket and in the sleeves, waterproof seams, a zipper under the arms, a snowflake, an integrated snow belt, an inner cuff with a thumb hole, or an adjustable hood that can be put over a helmet.

Good snowboard jacket - what material should it be made of?

Snowboarding jackets are garments that must feature waterproofness and breathability, after all, you often sit in them or even lie down on the snow (and the more novice you are, the more you will lie down...). The level of waterproofness and breathability of your snowboard jacket is directly affected by the type of membrane used in the jacket. Among the best membranes used in snowboard jackets is Gore-Tex. Pay attention to the descriptions in millimeters, which indicate how much water column can be retained by the material. A snowboard jacket should have a waterproof rating of at least 5000 mm, which is equivalent to a light rain. Of course, the good performance of the membrane must be supported by glued seams, because even the best material characteristics will not help if the jacket leaks at the seams. Another feature that snowboard jackets must meet is air permeability to maintain optimal moisture comfort. How to choose the right jacket that will provide a high level of permeability to accumulated vapor? Look out for models in which this parameter has a value of 2000 g/m²/24h to 10000 g/m²/24h.

Snowboarding jacket - trends

You already know what characterizes good snowboard jackets and what elements of their equipment to pay attention to. However, one question troubles you - how to combine technical qualities with fashion and good looks? Nothing easier! Manufacturers of leading sports brands put the appearance of jackets on a par with their functionality and make sure that you always look fashionable on the slopes.This season, women's snowboard jackets are mostly in pastel colors, but this does not mean that they are boring. On trend are patchwork style jackets - where elements decorated in different patterns and interesting prints are combined into one coherent whole, as well as single-color jackets with neon accents.If you are interested in a fashionable men's snowboard jacket, follow the principle - less is more. Choose snowboard jackets in subdued colors, but having interesting details - such as a hood in a contrasting color or inserts in a bold print (such as animal motifs or graffiti).

What to wear under a snowboard jacket?

Under snowboard jackets, it's a good idea to use layered clothing. Start with insulated underwear, preferably made of merino wool. Add a longsleeve or sweatshirt made of breathable material (depending on the conditions, you can layer both, using an extra layer). You can replace the sweatshirt with a light soft shell style jacket - check what combination of clothes you feel best in, and remember that it's always better to take off an extra layer than to freeze for half a day on the slopes.