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Deck mounts are an often forgotten piece of equipment, especially by young skaters who are just putting together their first kits. Sure, mounts aren't as spectacular as tops or wheels, but these small, inconspicuous pieces are essential and hold the deck in place, connecting it to the trucks. Without the right mounts, your board wouldn't be able to hold the trucks, making it unrideable. Learn how to select mounts for your board and assemble your board without pinning.


Board mounts - what do you need them for?

As we have already mentioned, mounts are a basic part of the board, which is used to attach the trac to the board deck. Without them, riding will not be possible, so you need to take the subject seriously and choose reliable mounts from a proven manufacturer, which will guarantee the quality and safety of the ride.

It's important to subject mounts to regular maintenance and check that they are properly tightened, because with use, clearances appear, so that your board may start to wobble from side to side, and you may have problems with board handling.


Board screws - basic types

Different companies produce their own sets of screws and nuts, which can be successfully applied to almost any board. Installation of these components is simple and convenient - most of them can be easily tightened with a screwdriver or allen wrench. This allows you to customize your skateboard according to your needs and preferences, ensuring comfort and control while riding.


How to choose skateboard mounts?

Consider basic criteria such as length, hardness and shape.

Typically, the appropriate size of mounts is 7/8 inch for classic tops made of seven-ply Canadian maple (without shims - if you use them, you need to choose slightly longer screws).

Deskboard mounts also vary in hardness. The harder ones provide more stability, while the softer ones give better cushioning and comfort. The choice depends on your riding style - if you prefer to ride ramps or like stunts, harder mounts will be better. Soft skateboard mounts are more suitable for rough streets and will work well if you prefer to ride around town from point A to B.


Mounted skateboards - the most popular models

At Selectshop you will find both allen and cross mounts from the best manufacturers of skateboards and skateboarding accessories: Kamuflage, Independent, Diamond Supply, Hard Luck, PIG Wheels, Enjoi, Andale Bearning or Dial Tone. Remember, with us you can buy everything you need to complete your skateboard.