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Ready for the winter season? There's no need to wait! Just a little while longer and we'll be going crazy on the slopes, but first we need to make sure we have everything we need to make a snowboarding trip an endorphin-filled unforgettable adventure. Snowboarding clothing is an absolute must-have that serves many functions - protection from the cold, safety, comfort and freedom of movement. Professional clothing is an absolute essential, but also a necessity in harsh winter conditions, when practicing such a demanding sport as snowboarding. Explore the assortment of Selectshop and complete the missing accessories in your closet. Head to the slopes prepared!

Snowboarding outfit - what it should consist of

The basic set of snowboard clothing includes: snowboard jacket, snowboard pants, snowboard boots and thermal clothing, gloves, helmet, cap, socks and goggles.Of course, such a set can be freely expanded, adding clothes according to your needs and experience. However, the list we have created is the basic that will make a snowboarding trip at all possible. If you see any deficiencies - don't take any chances and stock up on a given accessory before your trip. Snowboarding is a high-risk sport due to the harsh thermal conditions, the ease of getting chilled, but also falls and other dangerous incidents on the slopes. It's worth keeping this in mind, especially when packing for the trip (after that, we recommend just having fun riding!).If you dress well, you'll minimize the inconveniences and be able to focus on the ride and all the fun it brings. However, anyone who has ever gone insufficiently prepared for such a trip knows how it can spoil all the magic of the sport. Buy a decent set of snowboarding clothing that will last you years and get the subject over with!


Snowboard clothing - basic breakdown

Wondering which snowboarding clothes to look for? Not sure how to choose them according to the weather? In the case of strong winds and low temperatures, the right choice will be such snowboard clothing as a jacket, sweatshirt and pants with proper insulation and those that are not afraid of moisture.A great choice will also be insulated underwear made of merino wool, or other thermoactive fabrics. On the other hand, in the case of warmer days, it is worth betting on snowboarding clothes such as soft shell sweatshirt. It's a good idea to follow the "onion" clothing rule, so you can avoid freezing, and you can easily take off an extra layer of clothing once you've warmed up.

How to dress for snowboarding? - latest trends

How to dress for snowboarding in fashionable style? We answer!Recent trends for snowboarding show more interest in colors and patterns. It's common to see bright colors, neon accents or patterns reminiscent of graffiti and street art. Of course, subdued colors and classics are also still popular, but don't hesitate if you want to indulge in a bit of madness in your mountain style. Not only will you feel 100% yourself, but your friends will find you on the slopes sooner too! Win-win.Snowboard clothing designers are increasingly combining functionality with aesthetics. Models of jackets and pants for snowboarding can have multiple pockets for essential accessories, ventilation, adjustable hoods, additional zippers and fasteners.To stay fashionable on the snowboard, it's good to focus on accessories. You can experiment with hats, goggles and other accessories and choose them depending on the styling effect you want to achieve.

Women's snowboarding outfit - the most popular models


Women's snowboarding clothing usually has more fitted cuts, emphasizing the female figure. Women's snowboard clothing is made of fabrics that have adequate breathability and water resistance, such as Gore-Tex or HyVent. In the case of snowboard clothing for women, it is worth paying attention to the cut and cut, which should be tailored to the female figure. This will allow you to enjoy not only protection and comfort, but also a fashionable look. To complete a fashionable women's snowboard outfit, it is worth paying special attention to clothing models from brands available at Selectshop, such as DC Shoes, Burton or Palto.