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Importable in the world of streetwear, a backpack is the essence of comfort and functionality. In our collection you will find backpacks that not only hold your essentials, but also add a unique touch to your styling. At Selectshop, you will find an overview of the most fashionable models that conquer the rankings of the top streetwear accessories. Want to add a street edge to your look? Reach for streetwear backpacks and combine the useful with the stylish! Choose the perfect urban backpack for school, university classes and going out on the town. Multifunctional and, above all, ultra-comfortable backpacks are recommended for the back-to-school season!

Where did the first backpacks come from?

You probably won't believe it, but the history of backpacks can be traced back to ancient times, when people used leather bags or sacks to carry their goods. They were made of materials such as linen or leather, often decorated with embroidery or ornaments. But let's move to more modern times, the 19th century, when, with the industrial revolution and changes in lifestyles, backpacks began to evolve and became common among students who carried them to university. Today, the backpack is a very popular accessory that people happily choose not only for school, but also for everyday, work, going out, shopping or camping. It's hard to find a more versatile accessory than a backpack!


City backpacks - when do they work best?

Women's backpacks and men's backpacks combine comfort, functionality and style, becoming an integral part of everyday life and street fashion. Thanks to innovative materials, ergonomic designs and a variety of patterns, backpacks now accommodate different needs and preferences. What types of backpacks are the most popular? Here are a few of them: Urban backpack - this is a versatile women's urban backpack and men's urban backpack, ideal for everyday wear and to match any style. It usually has multiple pockets and compartments to hold essential items such as a laptop, books or wallet. It can be made of aesthetically pleasing and durable leather or high-quality plastic. Hiking backpack - this type of backpack is designed for longer outdoor excursions. It has a large capacity, comfortable braces and multiple adjustment systems to ensure comfort on long hikes. Laptop backpack - designed for people who often carry a laptop or tablet with them. These women's backpacks and men's backpacks have a padded pocket to protect electronic devices and multiple compartments for accessories. School backpack - this is a specially designed backpack for pupils and students, offering multiple pockets for textbooks, notebooks and electronic devices. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, it provides comfortable carrying, durability and style for everyday study. Let's stay with this particular backpack, as the school backpack is a coveted accessory during the summer/fall, which is when pupils and students return to study. What should the ideal backpack for school be like?

School backpack - what should it contain?

A backpack school backpack should meet several key criteria, first and foremost it must be comfortable, functional and ergonomic. School backpacks should have sufficient capacity to accommodate textbooks, notebooks, pencil cases and other essential items. It is also important to have a variety of compartments and pockets to help keep things neat and easy to organise. Ergonomics is a key element of a school backpack. The padded shoulder straps and back of the backpack ensure that it is comfortable to wear, even on longer walks to school. This minimises strain on the spine and improves carrying comfort.

Men's backpack - the most popular models

Want to buy a new backpack? Choose models from cult streetwear brands! The backpacks we offer are from top manufacturers such as Vans, Kamuflage, The North Face, Nike SB, New Era, Palto, Ripndip, Carhartt WIP, are therefore guaranteed to be durable and comfortable.

Women's backpack - how to match with style?

Streetwear backpacks combine modern design with iconic street style elements. From striking prints to minimalist designs, each backpack is a small work of art that catches the eye. Match backpacks to your outfit, keeping in mind that the most important thing is to feel great in your outfit! Mix and match clothing and accessories to achieve unique streetwear looks.