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In this category of Selectshop online store you will find a wide selection of streetwear style shoes. Perfect sports shoes for every day of urban adventures. Comfortable, lightweight, durable and fashionable. We offer sneakers from top brands that are the perfect complement to urban styling. You will also find holiday flip-flops that will make your holiday look stand out from the crowd. Choose men's or women's skate shoes to enjoy optimal comfort every day for functioning and carrying out a variety of physical activities.

Characteristics of streetwear shoes and sneakers

What kind of men's and women's streetwear shoes can you find in our store? These are models in line with the latest global trends. We offer plenty of tried-and-true cuts and designs, which are characterized by timeless design and, above all, comfortable to wear and durable. Skate shoes in urban style you will successfully match with basic styling and those in the streetwear trend. Wear them to work, wear them for long walks, an evening out with friends or pack them for a weekend trip out of town.



What shoes to walk around town in?

City activity can be demanding, which is why we rely on comfort, but also unconventional, most fashionable design. After all, there is no doubt that streetwear shoes are the pinnacle of the entire styling and also give uniqueness to casual closet items. Thanks to this, streetwear shoes for men or women from the Selectshop e-shop offer will easily fit you and will quickly become an expression of your personality and taste. Loose, slightly sporty chic? Exactly yes, this is what characterizes women's streetwear shoes and streetwear models of men's shoes. Bet on comfort, the best quality workmanship, but do not forget about trends. Footwear has to meet all your needs, match jeans, chinos or spring dresses. Mix styles and play with fashion, everyone should have at least one pair of urban style shoes in their closet, which are perfect for any occasion.

How to choose streetwear shoes for every season?

Summer streetwear shoes are light and airy, while autumn shoes are waterproof. Winter streetwear shoes have additional insulation. No matter which model you choose, the shoes will always maintain a versatile, sporty urban style.

What are the popular brands of streetwear shoes?

In our store you will find men's streetwear shoes and women's shoes from reputable global manufacturers. Some brands have been recognized for many years, others are present in the world trends. Decide for yourself whether you will choose the brand Bustagrip, Vans, The North  Face, Etnies, Nike or Ripndip. We guarantee you that men's streetwear and women's shoes from these manufacturers are the most popular and are most often worn on the streets of big cities.

Men's streetwear shoes

Model of streetwear shoes black, which is a simple and universal classic, or maybe an original model of blue, gray or red, which will make you stand out from the big city crowd? Your men's streetwear shoes don't have to be boring, they can match with jeans and an oversize hoodie and provide a great decorative accent to the whole outfit.

Women's streetwear shoes

Streetwear women's shoes are offered in various guises, and it is up to you to choose which model you opt for. Skate shoes for women in the trend of modern, as casual nonchalance, or maybe basic sneakers that you will wear to work? Be sure to check our offer and order streetwear shoe models for every day of urban activity.

Popular models of streetwear shoes and sneakers

Tramps, sneakers, or maybe sporty sneakers? Which model of urban chic shoes will you choose? Skate shoes for men and women are a hit, and it must be said that they are suitable not only for skateboarding. You can successfully wear them with fashionable combat boots or cargo pants to make your styling comfortable, loose, casual and in the style typical of young residents of the world's metropolises.