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Chinos and Cargo Pants Diamante Wear

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Are you curious about new fashion inspiration? Looking for the perfect trousers in which you feel like you're wearing a second skin? Discover the iconic trouser categories at Selectshop that stand out not only for their character but also for their enduring appeal in the streetwear aesthetic: combat boots and chinos - two icons that will give any outfit a unique twist!

Men's combat trousers - characteristics

These versatile trousers are a tribute to comfort and style. Their unique military-inspired design allows freedom of movement so you can conquer city streets with a confident stride. The men's tracksuit trousers are the perfect choice for those who appreciate looser, casual looks, yet want to express their individuality through a unique outfit. A characteristic element of combat boots are multifunctional pockets. They can be of various sizes and locations and give the trousers a practical character. Men's tracksuits are often made from robust materials such as thicker cotton, denim or fabric blends. These robust materials make them resistant to damage and durable, which translates into their popularity among streetwear fans. Some models of combat boots may have additional features such as straps, buckles or adjustable leg cords that allow you to tailor them to your preferences.


What to wear with men's combat trousers?

Classic combat trousers come in shades of khaki, olive green, brown or black. However, with the evolution of fashion, they can now be found in a variety of colours, allowing you to create more original and unique ensembles. Booties go well with other street fashion pieces such as T-shirts, printed T-shirts, bomber jackets or sports shoes. This makes them a solid foundation for streetwear outfits.

Boyfriends - the most popular styles

Create styles like a fashion influencer and a true streetwear style expert. Get inspired by the fashion of style icons. Wondering how to style women's combat trousers? Combine a basic white top, bold coloured sneakers, fashionable sunglasses and a simple shopper bag. The look is complete! Looking for outfit inspiration for a guy? Match men's combat boots with a black T-shirt, oversize corduroy shirt, baseball cap and chunky sneakers.

Chinos - what are these trousers?

Chinos are an absolute must-have in the wardrobe of every fashion connoisseur. These versatile trousers are a combination of comfort and style, creating the perfect compromise between elegance and casualness. Their characteristic feature is a straight, slightly tapered cut that emphasises the silhouette without restricting movement. This makes them ideal for formal occasions as well as a walk in the park or a meeting with friends.

What to wear chinos with?

Chinos are a totally versatile choice and will work well with many combinations. They look great with a shirt, whether it's more fitted and formal or less formal, such as corduroy or flannel. Chinos go well with smart footwear such as moccasins, but feel free to wear them with your favourite sneakers too.

When is it best to wear chinos?

Men's chinos are a versatile classic that never go out of fashion. They make it easy to achieve the look you want while remaining comfortable and casual all day long.