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You want to get started on your board adventure, but are overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge you need to acquire to buy a board? Not sure how to choose the right truckies, wheels or top? Let yourself be carried away by unbridled energy and feel the pleasure of your first skateboard ride without learning all the technicalities. Buy a complete skateboard and try out the solutions that suit you. You don't have to waste time setting up the skateboard yourself and you can easily start mastering your riding technique or learning your first tricks. It's worth reaching for solutions that give you wings! Discover our range of complete boards at Selectshop!

What is a complete skateboard?

A complete skateboard is a board equipped with everything you need to start riding here and now! By choosing such a solution, you save time and money, because buying such a board is cheaper than buying the individual components separately. In addition, you have the chance to test for yourself which solutions work for you and you will be better able to choose your next skateboard, which you will probably want to assemble yourself. Buying an assembled board from a reputable manufacturer means safety, quality and the assurance that all the components are a perfect fit.


Complete skateboard - types

Are you interested in a complete skateboard? Learn about its most popular types now: 

 - standard skateboard - is designed to perform tricks on the street, such as ollie, kickflip, and grind on railings or stairs. It is short, narrow and usually has a lightweight design, making it easy to perform tricks;

 - Longboards are longer and wider skateboards that are designed for longer runs and high speed riding. Such complete skateboards are ideal for circulating on streets, bike paths and long distance riding;

 - longboards are also ideal for riding on the road.

 - downhill skateboards are specially designed for riding at high speeds down steep hills. They have a stable construction and a wide board to ensure control on extreme descents.

Complete skateboard - how do you choose one to suit your level of skill?

The most important points to consider when choosing a board according to the rider's advancement are:

 - Stability - narrower and manoeuvrable boards are more difficult for beginners to manoeuvre;

 - wheels - soft wheels give a better grip and smoother ride even on uneven ground, so it is harder to capsize. Over time you can change to harder wheels;

 - bearings - advanced users often invest in high-quality bearings and ABEC 7 or even higher systems. For beginners, such solutions are not essential. As you can see, there are a number of differences between complete skateboards and it is definitely worth taking these into account when choosing equipment for yourself.

Complete classic skateboard - the most popular models

Considering choosing the perfect board for yourself? Bet on proven brands! At Selectshop you will find complete skateboards from top manufacturers such as Playlife, Mini Logo Skateboards, Globe, DGK, Kamuflage, Element, Cliche, Almost, Blind, Darkstar, Enjoi.