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Spitfire Wheels ID: 308735

Spitfire F4 Rowan Zorilla Spitball Radial Full 57 Wheels

€ 63.00
Lowest price in the last 30 days: € 63.00


Spitfire F4 Rowan Zorilla Spitball Radial Full 57 Wheels Beige are recommended by professionals for their durability and performance. They provide solid ground contact and are ideal for those who prefer stability and a large wheel contact area. These wheels have a diameter of 57 mm, which is a good size for those looking for the golden mean between speed and manoeuvrability.

  • Radial Full Shape - a classic shape, round cut, with a wider tread, optimised for speed and control.
  • Formula Four urethane compound - one of the best formulas on the skateboard wheel market
  • Diameter 57 mm, width 40 mim, tread 27 mm
  • Hardness 99A
  • Set of 4 skates
  • Made in the USA
  • Colour: Beige