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Spitfire Wheels ID: 308736

Spitfire Sapphire 53 Wheels

€ 54.00
Lowest price in the last 30 days: € 54.00


Spitfire Sapphire 53 Wheels Clear Green are highly regarded accessories in the skateboarding world. Due to their distinctive green colour and recognisable brand logo, these wheels are a popular choice among skateboarders. Designed for a balance between speed and control, the Spitfire wheels offer excellent grip and durability, which is crucial for performing technical tricks and riding on a variety of surfaces. The optimum 53mm diameter is the perfect compromise for those looking for versatility - whether skatepark or street riding. Spitfire is a brand known for its high quality and innovation, making their products trustworthy in the skater community.

  • diameter: 53 mm
  • contact area: 19.5 mm
  • width: 33 mm
  • hardness: 90A
  • Formula Four Radial
  • Full contact surface and rounded edge construction for control, speed and responsive gliding
  • colour: Clear Green