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Street fashion is an integral part of urban culture. Join its lovers by putting together flawless looks like a streetwear fashion icon. Choose practical and stylish accessories and accessories that correspond with your style. Create consistent and coherent outfits with stylish accessories from our shop. Look out for the trendy, sporty men's wallets we present in this category. After all, a wallet is an everyday item that should, above all, be ultra-comfortable, but it must also match your style. The streetwear men's wallets at Selectshop are a perfect example of combining functionality with distinctive design, perfectly matching the needs of modern men who value both practicality and unique style.

Men's wallets - characteristics

If you are interested in a sports wallet, be sure to find out more about its features! Let's get started! Streetwear sports wallets are designed with an original and modern look in mind. You will often find unique designs such as street brand logos, graffiti, as well as various references to hip-hop or skate culture. This is especially important for streetwear enthusiasts, for whom a stylish wallet is not only a practical accessory, but also a valuable part of the collection that expresses their interests and passions. A sports wallet perfectly complements everyday streetwear outfits, allowing you to express your personality and affiliation with street culture. In addition to this, the practical aspects of this accessory should not be overlooked - despite the bold design, men's wallets must provide enough space to store cash, credit cards, identity documents and other essentials. Another important consideration is durability, and there are no compromises here! A wallet is a heavily used item that should serve in its glory for as long as possible. That is why in our wallet category you will only find models made of robust fabrics, sewn with the greatest attention to detail.


Sport wallets - the most popular models

The men's fabric wallet is a real must have. At Selectshop you will find wallets in urban, sporty and youthful styles from top clothing manufacturers such as Kamuflage, Vans, Palto or Malita. Choose from iconic brands and emphasise your affiliation with streetwear fashion fans.

Sport wallets - what do they go best with?

A textile wallet is an accessory that you can successfully match with any street style. You can store such a wallet in your kidney, chest rig or other small pouch. Because it is flat and small, you will have no problem carrying it. If you want, you can also stow it in a pocket, such as a cargo trouser or a fleece trouser, or even in regular jeans. Streetwear men's wallets are the perfect choice for men who want to combine functionality with individual style while expressing their affiliation with streetwear culture.

Material wallets - the latest fashion trend

Find out if a fashionable fabric wallet is the solution for you. If you value convenience, functionality and original design enclosed in an inconspicuous item of everyday use - such a wallet is sure to be the perfect choice!