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Snowboard clothing is an essential piece of equipment for every snowboarder. Its purpose is to provide optimum protection from the weather and comfortable boarding. A basic set of snowboard clothing includes: snowboard jacket, snowboard trousers, gloves, helmet, cap, socks and goggles.

Snowboard clothing - snowboard clothing basics

The right snowboard clothing is chosen not only as a piece of equipment, but also as a key element affecting our comfort and safety when snowboarding. Above all, any set of snowboard clothing should be adapted to the prevailing weather conditions. In case of strong winds and low temperatures, a snowboard jacket, snowboard sweatshirt and snowboard trousers with adequate insulation and which are not afraid of moisture are the right choice, while in warmer weather it is worth choosing light and airy clothing such as softshell. Gloves should be durable and waterproof, while a helmet and goggles should provide adequate protection for the head and eyes against injury. In conclusion, snowboard clothing is an essential piece of equipment for any snowboarder. It is advisable to choose products from reputable brands that are suitable for the prevailing weather conditions and also have the appropriate certificates and safety markings.


Women's snowboard clothing

Women's snowboard clothing usually has a more fitted cut, emphasising the female figure. Women's clothing uses fabrics that have adequate breathability and water resistance, such as Gore-Tex or HyVent. Snowboard jackets and trousers often also have adjustable straps for an even better fit. Many models also have special pockets on the jacket and trousers to store essential accessories such as goggles, gloves or keys. Gloves for women often have a finger made of material that allows the use of touchscreens. Snowboard clothing for women usually features more striking colours such as pink, purple or light blue. When it comes to snowboard clothing for women, it is worth paying attention to the cut and cut, which should be tailored to a woman's figure. This will allow you to enjoy not only protection and comfort, but also a fashionable look.

Men's snowboard clothing

Men's snowboard clothing is usually loose-fitting snowboard jackets and trousers made from waterproof and breathable fabrics such as Gore-Tex or HyVent. They often have less distinctive colours than women's clothing, with dark shades such as black, navy blue or grey predominating. In men's snowboard clothing, it is more common to find jackets with detachable hoods, which allow for better regulation of body temperature while riding. Many models also have special pockets on the jacket and trousers for storing essential accessories such as gloves, mobile phone or keys.

What should a set of snowboard clothing contain?

Properly selected clothing provides protection from the cold, wind, rain and snow, as well as preventing injury in the event of any falls. Therefore, it is worth taking the time and attention to choose the right clothing so that you can enjoy free movement on the slopes all day long. The basic snowboard clothing items are a snowboard jacket and snowboard trousers. Their main task is to ensure optimal warmth and dry skin, as well as to prevent wind and moisture. It is advisable to choose products with waterproof and breathable material such as Gore-Tex. The right snowboard jacket should also have a hood for extra protection against wind and rain. Gloves are another essential piece of snowboard clothing to avoid frozen hands and injuries. It is advisable to choose models with waterproof material on the outside and insulation, so they will effectively protect you from the cold and moisture. Today's snowboard gloves feature a number of innovative solutions, such as linking the thumb to the rest of the glove, allowing greater freedom of movement. A helmet and goggles are other essential pieces of snowboarding clothing that provide protection for the head and eyes from injury. The helmet should fit snugly to the shape of your head, while also being adjustable for a customised fit. It is advisable to choose models with CE safety certification. The right snowboard outfit will ensure comfort and safety when snowboarding and will allow you to enjoy your winter adventure on the slopes.